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June 28, 2008

Beat the 5 biggest sleep killers

Hello my friend:

Since we released 'Tranquil Sleep Now!'
- http://thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp  on
Wednesday, the response has been completely overwhelming.
I knew it would be, because sleep problems were one of the
most complained about issues I've heard about for the last
couple years.

If you ever suffer from sleep problems -- and well over 32
million people do -- you know how frustrating, even
debilitating they can be.

According to sleep centers around the world, most sleep
problems fall into two categories:

1 > Trouble falling asleep

2 > Falling asleep, then waking up in the middle of the
night, tossing and turning for another hour or two before
falling into an exhausted slumber.

Many people experience both.

So what causes your sleep problems in the first place?
Stress and diet are the biggest culprits. Hormone
imbalances, pain, and indigestion play a role, too.

But no matter what form of insomnia you suffer from,
getting by on 5 or 6 hours a night isn't a sign of "being

It's a prescription for disaster.

Sleep is essential for your energy levels, mental focus,
and an improved sense of well-being.  It's important for
your immune health and cell repair, too.

And here's something else:

A good night's sleep also slows down the aging process...

Every part of your body -- from your brain, heart and
joints to your skin, hair and eyes -- stays younger, longer
when you get the rest and relaxation you need.

So just how can you get a good night's sleep without
having to reach for drugs or over-the-counter meds that
knock you senseless and leave you comatose the next day?

The first step you can take is to avoid these 5 biggest
sleep killers:

SLEEP KILLER #1.  Taking a long, late afternoon nap. OK --
you may be so tired you're falling into your coffee.  But
taking a daytime nap after 4:00pm just makes falling asleep
that night that much more difficult because it reduces your
homeostatic drive to sleep. So, when it comes time to go to
bed, you aren't sleepy enough to enter la-la land.

SLEEP KILLER #2. I call it the "alcohol and cigarette
cure". Many people with sleep problems smoke a cigarette or
drink a glass of wine before they turn in, hoping it will
help them relax. Alcohol may help you fall asleep at first,
but it will cause you to wake up during the night. Nicotine
is a stimulant, and keeps you wide-awake long after you
wish you'd fallen asleep.

SLEEP KILLER #3: Eating or drinking late at night. Our
digestive systems don't react well to round-the-clock
noshing. That midnight snack could cause you hours of
misery later on - in fact, right when you want to be
sleeping. Try to keep your supper light, and eat no later
than 3 hours before bedtime.
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SLEEP KILLER #4: Caffeine.  That's probably not a big
surprise to most people--but caffeine isn't just in coffee
anymore.  Caffeine levels are super-high in energy drinks
like Red Bull, as well as tea, chocolate and diet

SLEEP KILLER #5: Watching TV late into the evening. Some
people think background noise --like the TV or radio -- can
help them fall asleep more easily.  Not so! Sleeping with
music playing or the radio on actually over stimulates the
senses, which makes sleep more difficult.

Now, here's the second way to get natural, restful sleep
so you relax and recharge all night long...and wake up the
next day rarin' to go.

It's our latest Think Right Now Accelerated Learning
program called "Tranquil Sleep Now"...
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp 

...and it does what no other sleep aid in the world does.

It breaks the chains of insomnia naturally by targeting
and transforming the self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and
beliefs that loom in your mind when the lights go out.

You could call it an intensive sleep refresher course for
your subconscious mind. Learn more about it here:
- http://thinkrightnow.com/

Now, I know you may be skeptical that accelerated learning
and behavior modification can help you sleep at night.

But you shouldn't be. The mind has an incredible capacity
to learn, change, and adapt at any age. The secret is
showing it how.

It comes down to this: your conscious and subconscious
thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are all the
results of repetitive conditioning over a lifetime, good
and bad.

And yes, that includes the negative thoughts, habits, and
attitudes that cause you to lie in bed staring at the

Listen nightly, and "Tranquil Sleep Now" gradually and
steadily trains your brain to release and all the racing
thoughts, the panic and worry, and reframe "bad experiences
and other emotional triggers that sabotage your sleep. 

Then, it installs the same attitudes and beliefs held by
people who fall asleep soon after their heads hit the
pillow, and stay blissfully asleep all .... night ....

In fact, "Tranquil Sleep Now" bombards your mind with
these powerful beliefs until they're programmed in your
mind like software on a hard drive.

Use this audio knockout pill as prescribed, and you'll
fall asleep faster.  You'll sleep better. You'll calm your
mind. You'll enjoy positive, peaceful dreams.

You'll automatically re-set your internal clock so you can
sleep relaxed and wake up recharged.

Best part? All you have to do is just keep hitting the
PLAY button.

Before long, your sleepless nights are over.

Every night. No exceptions.

And you can begin in ten seconds or less right here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp 


Mike Brescia

PS: By the way...you have six full months to give
"Tranquil Sleep Now" a complete test drive. If it doesn't
work for you, return it for a full refund.  No hassles. No
questions asked.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp

Get on the sleeping bandwagon now, and you can take
advantage of our 25% Introductory Discount!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp 

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