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June 25, 2008

'Tranquil Sleep Now' is here

Hello my friend:

After a great deal of anticipation, Tranquil Sleep Now is
finally here.

If you are a lifetime insomniac or just someone who is
under a great deal of stress right now whose mind simply
will not shut off when you eyes close at bedtime, Tranquil
Sleep Now will put you out faster than a Chuck Norris kick
to the temple.

This will be a lifesaver to the millleons of people who
stay awake miserable all night and who, bleary-eyed, are
forced to guzzle stimulants all day just to stay awake.

Those days and nights are over.

Your new life begins today.

A life where you fall asleep quickly, easily and sleep all
night long without any prescription medication, herbal
supplements or alcohol to knock you out.

Your new life begins today.

Here is the info about Tranquil Sleep Now:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp 

And here is Warning #1:

This Think Right Now program is different than any other
Accelerated Success Conditioning Program we have.

It works in two ways:

1- Just listening to it will quickly relax you and put you
into a sleepy, tired state.  So it should never, EVER be
listened to while you are driving, operating any kind of
machinery or doing anything where you need to be alert and
wide awake.

2- It re-programs your thought patterns as it pertains to
sleep.  That means that after a period of time using
Tranquil Sleep Now, you won't need to listen to it to knock
you out.  Instead, your other than conscious mind will have
been changed so that it simply begins to shut you down at
sleep time without having to think about it at all.
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Then it can be used to simply reinforce your new sleep
belief systems, and whenever you are faced with periods of
high stress, you can just pop it in and read/write the
statements of your choice as directed.

Here is Warning #2:

Tranquil Sleep Now is not a pain reduction program, so if
your sleep problems are due to chronic pain which makes
getting comfortable difficult, it will not be your 100%
solution.  For that, you can use 'I Am Healed Now' to get
your mind to work on the pain/injury. Here's the page for
that program. http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/healed.asp 

The other thing it cannot do is boost hormones.  So if you
have hormone deficiencies due to aging, dietary or exercise
deficiencies, or disease, you'll need to talk with your
doctor about those issues.

However, what Tranquil Sleep Now CAN do, no matter what
your medical condition, is train your brain to pull the
plug on your thoughts when it's time to go to La La Land.

In no time at all, when you shut your eyes, that's it...
lights out.  And you'll be having beautiful dreams and
healing, restful, all-night-long sleep.


Mike Brescia

PS: Get Tranquil Sleep Now, right NOW and you'll get 25%
off for a VERY limited time during this introduction.
Save 25% here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/tranquil-sleep.asp 

PPS:  We've created a wonderful sleep guide that could be
worth thousands to you, but I'll give it to you at no
charge.  It's called '23 Simple Secrets to a Perfect
Night's Sleep - Every Night.'  You can download it
instantly at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/w/sleep-secrets.asp


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