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June 23, 2008

The truth about confidence

Hi John,

In the last week, I've gotten a couple comments from some
Wrong Thinkers out there who believe that the program
"Supreme Confidence Now"
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/confidence.asp
is the only thing they need to do the job of helping them
be organized, quit schmoekin, sell mo' of what they sell
and just about anything else.

That's pahtly right and pahtly wrong.

Pahtly wrong because feeling confidence doesn't mean that
you can do anything.  That's pure lunacy.  Confidence is a
powerful emotion but it doesn't guarantee a thing.

When you are a supremely confident person, you probably
aren't going to hit a Mariano Rivera fastball or swim the
English Channel without some long-term serious training.
And believing you can without it is just idiotic. 

This might sound like I'm knocking 'Supreme Confidence Now"

I'm not...

What 'Supreme Confidence Now' DUZ DO is implant the seed
of confidence in your mind about your abilities as a human.
Then it fertilizes the confidence, waters it, gives it
light.  It does this so that you can become a person who is
ready and rarin to think big, think different and flat out
believe that if you put your mind to something, you can do
it... no matter what IT might be.

That said, when you feel supremely confidence, you will be
open to doing anything that makes sense instead of burying
your head under your desk, afraid of making a mistake.
You'll be open to learning what you need to learn in order
to achieve an outcome.  You'll be able to put yourself into
the right mental state so you can suck it up and keep going
when the going gets tough.

So yes, confidence is critically important.

But to become great (or even pretty good) at anything, in
addition to general self-confidence: 

1) You must adopt the same or similar self image
(identity) of the people who are great at it. Those good
ole "I am ___" beliefs.

2) You need to find your big "Why" or you'll quit before
the sun goes down.  The "what's in it for me."  Keep this
in mind always and you'll develop persistence.

3) You must be able to let go of (release) the people,
emotions, habits, etc. that do not support your goals.

4) You gotta develop a love and even a passion for doing
the things that'll get you to your destination... and you
must also love what you are going to get when you've
reached it... If you don't, you'll work you buttinski off
only to quit before you get to plant your flag pole in the
ground.  This is why purpose and mission planning is
critical.  Success ain't success if you hate what you're

5) You have to be able to suck every morsel of knowledge
and wisdom out of every mistake, setback or problem. You
must also get smarter and more savvy from every good
decision and success producing action.  Learn.


Those are just a random 5 of the core 22 mental patterns
of success found in every person who is the great at ONE

You could look at these 5 and the other 17, and see that
they apply to succeeding in every area of life... Every
discipline.  Every skill.  Everything.

Even just being super happy requires that most of the 22
core mental patterns for happiness be part of your mental
make-up.  I call it Infinite Joy.  And we built these
thought, belief and attitude patterns into the statements
of the TRN program Infinite Joy Now!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/joy.asp 

Because again, you could be a supremely confident person,
and still be unhappy.

Isn't that so?

Yeah.  I know a lot of Wrong Thinkers who come across as
confident on the outside, yet they admit to me that there
is something major missing... that they just aren't happy
even though they "have" a lot of stuff.  And they hadn't
been able to figure out why.

But you know what?

If you look at the list of core Mental Success Patterns
(both Releasing and Attraction) on this page:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  you'll see that confidence
("I can ___"  "I am capable of ___"  "I know how to ___")
is only 1 of the 22 core mental skills that ensures success
at anything.

An important one, but just one.

That's why all Think Right Now Behavior Modification
Programs are developed using re-patterning statements that
address many types of empowering thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes, action habits and result statements.

So while Supreme Confidence Now can help you build general
self assurance, to have confidence at specific skill sets,
you'll still need to change your mental pictures and inner
dialog specific to those skills.  And you can only do that
by learning the thought patterns of those who are already
the greatest at those specific skills.

For programs that address specific life skills besides
confidence, here's the page you'll want to investigate:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp 

Hope that clarified the question many of you had.


Mike Brescia

PS:  Remember, being "depressed" and feeling hopeless is
not a natural state of the human mind.  The human brain and
mind are both flexible, adaptive and able to feel a wide
range of emotions no matter what is going on around us.  To
widen your emotional range and adaptability, all you need
is effortless training with Think Right Now Accelerated
Success Conditioning Programs
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp 

PPS:  It looks like sometime on Wednesday, we'll probably
be announcing the release of 'Tranquil Sleep Now!' 

That means for you insomniacs, your days of sleepless
nights and exhausted days is coming to a close.  And
without having to take knockout pills any longer, it also
means you'll be owning more of your paycheck every month.

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