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May 28, 2008

Dream a little dream with Think Right Now

Hello my friend:

Over the weekend I received an email from Gail D. of
Collegeville, PA who asked me an interesting question about
one of our Think Right Now! programs.

Gail's question was specifically about the program she
ordered, "End Procrastination Now!

However, if you've ever ordered a "Think Right Now!"
program, you may have had this question, too. 
- http://thinkrightnow.com/

She writes...


Dear Mike:

Love your programs!  I ordered "End Procrastination Now!"
last month, and I've been listening to it for about a week
now.  Now, maybe it's just me, but I've noticed when I put
the CD on and listen while I fall asleep, I have a lot of

The dreams may or may not make sense, but they're usually
quite vibrant and I even remember them when I wake up (I
used to never remember what I dreamt about before).   Is
this unusual? 

Kind regards,
Gail D.
Collegeville, PA


Mike:  No Gail, it's not "you."  You're experiencing
Accelerated Behavior Modification in action!

While this doesn't happen with everyone, we have found
that Think Right Now programs do seem to have an effect on
your dreaming activity.  Here's why:

When you sleep, your brainwaves slow to the point where
the predominant pattern is "Theta", which is 4-7 cycles per
second.  Theta is what scientists consider the "dreaming"
stage of sleep.

But since you're listening to the audio program as you
drift off to sleep, you're probably experiencing more of
the Alpha brainwave stage (8-12 cycles per second).

This is the stage of sleep where we remember our dreams.
Famed educator and psychologist Georgi Lozanov , who
created the "Suggestopedia" Accelerated Learning method,
noticed that during the "Alpha" phase, when the physical
body is stress free and at rest, your mind goes faster and
super performs. 
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A few years ago Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen and his research
team at Harvard also confirmed in their own series of
studies that sleep strengthens learning and expands your
knowledge base. 

As a result, you learn and retain information up to 10
times faster than typical teaching  methods.  It's also
during this "alpha" phase where deep, emotional changes
become weaved into the fabric of who you are.

This is why Think Right Now programs have the effect of
virtually burning information into your subconscious mind.
When used while you're relaxed with your eyes closed, Think
Right Now programs put you into an alpha state, perfect for
rapid learning of the new beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and
emotions on each title.
(you can see how we do it here: - -
http://thinkrightnow.com )

When used when you're awake, listening actively or while
working or driving, you still have the 60 beat music behind
the words, which your heart gets into sync with, lowering
your brainwaves, and helping to alter the deeply-ingrained
mental "triggers" that control what your attitudes and
actions will be.

Chances are, Gail, your dreams probably have to do with
the affirming self instructions you're learning, since
that's what's on your mind.  So while your body is going
through these nightly stages of sleep , not only are you
dreaming more but you are also able to remember them more

(By the way, the only stage of sleep where no information
is getting in is during the Delta stage. These are the
deepest levels of sleep where brainwaves are slowed to 1-3
cycles per second.)

So it's a given that the more often you listen to any
Think Right Now! program while relaxed or sleeping, the
faster the new attitudes, motivations, and actions you
desire will come into your life.

For many people who have seen life-long problems (of
thinking and behaving) dissolve away to nothing, the
results have felt nothing less than miraculous!

Gail, great question.  Thanks so much for writing!


Mike Brescia

PS: Take it from me (and thousands of TRN clients): use
any of these programs as prescribed, read the 12 page
manual and do what it says, you will make fast changes in
your emotions and your outer action habits - and without
the usual argument you have going on inside your head.

By the way, with our 6-month guarantee, you risk nothing.
Not one cent.
- http://thinkrightnow.com


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