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May 9, 2008

Weight-loss breakthrough works where others fail

Hello my friend:

"You name it-I've tried all the diets out there.
But whatever I do, I just can't lose weight and
keep it off..."

If this is your mantra, you’re far from alone.  I think
almost everyone reading this has tried a diet and exercise
program one time or another.  And most have given up making
it a regular part of their lives. 

Thing is, its easy to get caught up in all the fitness
brou-ha-ha, especially now that bathing suit season is
coming close.  This diet program, that cool weight machine,
that instant energy drink.  Who doesn't want to look ripped
and sekksy at the beach?

Then the reality hits.

Because the first thing we often think about when becoming
fit is calorie counting.  Tiny portions.  Tasteless,
expensive food.  And grueling exercise only a high-
performance athlete could love.

So the Bowflex sits in the corner of the living room
gathering dust.  And the ready-made weight loss meals stay in
the freezer, never to see the light of day again.

What happened?

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, one of the biggest
reasons why motivation fizzles is because there's no 'big
why'.  You don't have a strong enough motive to become fit
in the first place.

But for diet and fitness, there's something else at work,

A recent study showed that men in the 40s and 50s will
start a regular exercise program only after some stressful,
life-changing event: like a divorce, or heart attack.

That's what it takes to maybe - just maybe - get off the
couch and into action.  And even then, they see exercise as
just another type of bad medicine they have to take.

Hey, who wants to sweat like a pig and work out 2 hours a
day to get that sekksy hard body?  Sounds like punishment to

And dieting?  Oh, God, I can't eat that rabbit food.  Are
you kidding me?

Well, here's something we found.

With the volumes of scientific info about how the lack of
vigorous activity destroys our health, there's only one
reason why a person wouldn't want to change their choices:

Habit.  And habits are stronger than steel.  They overcome

When we researched the beliefs, thought patterns and self-
talk of the fittest, healthiest people, we found that
faulty core believes and negative mental patterns are what
keep 90% of us from succeeding in our fitness and weight
loss plans - time after time.

Even though you want to start a regular exercise program,
and even if your doctor has told you time and time again
you must lose weight, your 22 ingrained, core beliefs,
attitudes, and emotional habits that are literally
programming you to fail!

That's why you "can't find the time" to visit the gym, or
hate sweating, or can't bring yourself to eat that "rabbit
food" (not that I can really blame you on that one...)
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What you need to do is change what food and exercise
"mean" to you on a deep, unconscious level.  Yup.  You need
to actually like it.  And no "how to" book, die-t pill,
powder, or exercise plan is going to help on that front. 

The secret to the effects of our Accelerated Behavior
Modification programs "Eating for Excellent Health Now"
And "I Love Exercising Now" is that they both condition
your mind to think and thus eat, and exercise like the
healthiest people alive. 

On them, you'll hear 100s of positively phrased
"releasing" statements that zero in and release your
negative beliefs and attitudes about working out, about
eating junk food, about moving your body to new levels
of strength, endurance and health.

Imagine naturally anticipating, looking forward to and
truly loving working out from deep in your soul.  That's
what long time exercisers feel.

Imagine staying away from the cake, ice cream and junk
food you couldn't resist before-not because you HAVE to,
but because you WANT to. 

When you condition your mind with the well-researched
beliefs of the world's most health-conscious people, you'll
reach your target weight quickly and easily.  Without
"willpower", or feeling deprived.

You'll love your new, strong, healthy body - and because
it will be important to you (because of your new beliefs),
you'll magically "find the time" to remain incredibly fit.

In fact - if want to look hot and be hot for bathing suit
season, then "Eating for Excellent Health Now"
and "I Love Exercising Now" are the only programs in
existence you can really count on to change your body-and
keep it looking good for the rest of your life. 

Not Jenny Craig.  Not the South Beach diet.  Or treadmills
and weight machines, either.

Only Accelerated Success Conditioning can guarantee the
results you want - because you transform your body from the
inside out beginning with your mind.

No pain.  No deprivation.  What can be better than that?



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