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May 7, 2008

Tell me again: Why am I doing this?

Hello my friend:

As a regular reader of this newsletter you know I talk a
lot about momentum and getting your brain into a super-
positive, never-say-die frame of mind.

That's where motivation comes in.  And for a lot of people,
frustration, too.

If you've ever gone to one of those 'walk on hot coals'
motivation seminars (I have)... or even spent hundreds of
bucks on the empowerment oriented CD programs they sell on
TV... you have to agree that they make it sound pretty easy
for you to get inspired and all fired up... "You're really
going to do it this time. You'll see!"

And for several hours - maybe even for a week or two - you
actually believe it.

But STAYING motivated?  That's the hard part.

It could be a phone call... an argument... a crisis at
work... and before you know it - all that positive momentum
goes ice cold. 

And its not your fault. 

Now, get ready.  Here's something I'm going to tell you
about getting and staying motivated that most self-
improvement experts and inspirational speakers won't:

FEELING motivated alone isn't going to cut it.  In fact,
that will melt away like a block of ice in the Mojave desert.

So that's why having all the grand plans in the world
don't do you a bit of good if you don't have the mindset to
follow through.

When we researched why so many people can't stay motivated
despite their best intentions, it's because they lack a
sense of purpose.  No juicy reasons for achieving their
goal in the first place. 

I call it "The Big Why."

If  you don't have a strong set of motives (both emotional
& logical) for doing something... if you're not sure if you
really, really want it... then you won't do it for long.
And you're not going to do it well.

No purpose, no drive.  Therefore, motivation fizzles,
pfffft...right into thin air.

Sound familiar?

There are all kinds of benefits in store once you achieve
a certain goal, but you ignore them... or forget what they

Or your own negative mind gremlins make you focus on all
the work you have to do and how long and involved and
painful it's gonna be to actually get there...

There's no way you're going to do it.  No matter what.

Now, for the reality:

It's easier than you think to become motivated and stay
that way.
It doesn't have to be work. Or torture.  Or deprive
yourself of anything.

All you have to do is peer inside the moment-by-moment
thoughts, beliefs and actions of those with determination,
persistence, and unstoppable motivation - the people who
always have some big challenge in front of them and who
always seem to reach it... and make their attitudes your

And the Think Right Now Accelerated Learning program
specifically designed to do this is "Unstoppable Motivation
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp

It chisels away the remnants of that person who is
satisfied with the way life is now.  And literally re-
patterns your brain to become the calm and new unstoppable
person that embraces life the way it CAN be.

Because the big "why" gets driven into you through
constant, positive affirmation over and over again.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

You'll acknowledge and accept, once and for all, what
you'll lose if you don't accomplish your goals.  And you
will become driven to not make that your future.  And
you'll be conditioned to focus on all the benefits you'll
gain.  Continually focus on them.

That is the key.  To keep your eye on the ball.

You'll be reconditioned to believe that you can overcome
any obstacle. 

You will be make to believe that you don't care about
sacrificing little pleasures so you can achieve big
victories... and get the big pleasures.

In fact, through time and repetition, you'll gain the
exact same mental framework of the most inspiring,
determined, persistent, never-say-die people alive.

Instead of wishing you were someone else, you'll be
thrilled with who you are.

A person who never accepts defeat.

Wouldn't THAT be great?

"Unstoppable Motivation Now!" has already helped
thousands of TRN clients change their automatic, unthinking
responses with little or no effort at all.  (Some of their
stories are pretty impressive.  Check them out here:

- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/motivation.asp



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