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April 12, 2008

33 Change Programs in 1 - Plus SAVE 30% for 2 more days

Hello my friend:

For the next 2 days, we're discounting the price of our
"Think Right Now for Windows" software program by 30%.

We've never offered this deep a discount on our TRN
software program.  Plus it also counts as 1 program toward
our "Buy 3, Get 1" special offer.

More details here:

Here's a way to get 33 powerful Change Programs In 1...

This exclusive TRN software briefly flashes on your
computer screen 1,000's of visible statements of
affirmation. It does this in the background while you work
in any Windows based program, even while you're on the

With just a one-time click of your mouse, you can set the
words in Think Right Now for Windows as large as 56pt
(that's nearly an inch tall!).  I set mine at just 22 pt, in
case you wanted to know.

And you can set the flashing affirmations to be on screen
from as little as 1/1000 second (1 millisecond) to up to a
1/2 second each.  That's 500 milliseconds

It also includes eleven pre-installed music files --
"Baroque" pieces that range from 55 to 65 beats per minute.
The music helps develop super-memory and speeds your
results to make them last.

If you want to change your beliefs and habits around
money, find a more rewarding relationship, boost your self-
confidence or even get organized once and for all...

Click, Click, Click.

And then just use your computer like you always have.

No need to do anything more.



PS: And after seeing these emotion-packed, new, success
affirming statements for weeks and months flashing every
time you're at the computer, you'll be the best that you
that you can be! ...And happy to be it.

 Save 30% on Think Right Now for Windows right here:

Remember, sale ends Monday April 14 at Midnight.  It can be
yours in 2 minutes or less if you get it now.


PS: Check out Monica's story...

Hi Mike,

Thanks to 'Eating for Excellent Health Now'
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/eating.asp
and your Think Right Now! Software,
I am now free from a life-long "addiction" to
carbohydrates.  I had those stubborn extra 10-15 pounds
that haven't budged in the past 20 years.  When you
are generally in good shape and not greatly over weight
by today's obesity measures, but you have an overeating
problem, you have a hard time finding support. "You don't
need to lose weight," I'd hear from others as I said I was
watching what I was eating. But I consistently turned to
any and all carbohydrates as a comfort food-and couldn't
stop eating once I got started.  You name it, it didn't
matter-and it didn't seem so offensive since it wasn't
chocolate, ice cream or other sweets per se and I still
exercised and ate pretty well otherwise.  But bread,
crackers, pasta, bagels, you name it-I seemed to need them
to "fill me up." That is, until I ordered and started
listening to your tape at night and loaded the software on
both my home and work computers.

 I can't say that I was one of your "miracle cases" where
the results started happening overnight.  I believe it took
nearly 3 months of regular listening/using the software to
experience the results, but sure enough, it has happened.  I
find I have found non-food substitutes for the
carbohydrates I used to crave and overeat.  I not only don't
desire them, I really have lost the taste for them, and
after just a healthy-sized serving, I'm more than
satisfied.  Since I'm no longer mindlessly consuming large
quantities of carbs in one sitting, the 10 to 15 extra
pounds have been slashed in half through no other changes
in my eating or exercise routine.  I feel more confident
than ever that I will be able to maintain this healthy
lifestyle of eating.  I'll continue listening to Eating for
Excellent Health Now and will rework the software to
include other excellent mental patterns I want to focus on
now.  I also look forward to your daily emails and
appreciate how timely, thoughtful and even personal you
make them.

Looking forward to even more successes!
Thanks for all you do,

Monica Strobel, CO

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