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March 27, 2008

Holy mugga mugga - you will want to see this body

Hello my friend:

There is just something about a fit female body.  MmmMmmm.

Christine Howard, a 45+ mom started listening to some TRN
programs and one thing led to another, as they say...

And she just sent in this letter and an accompanying
photo.  This photo is so hot, three PC monitors in Client
Support Services just melted and burst into flames.

Ah, the things we have to put up with to change the world...

Check out Christine's story below.


I am so happy to be writing to you. 

Doing so means that I have succeeded in a big way!  I told
myself I would write you when I met my goal. 

Here's my story:

I purchased "Eating for Excellent Health Now!", "I Love
Exercising Now!", and "Setting and Achieving Goals Now!" a
couple years ago. 
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/eating.asp
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/exercising.asp
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/goals.asp

I was experiencing positive changes while listening to
them.  Unfortunately, I did not stick with them for very
long.  As a result I fell back into my old habits and

In September 2007 I was really struggling.  I wasn't
eating well, I felt like my days were filled with
meaningless tasks, I wasn't exercising, and I felt myself
start to spiral downward.  Fortunately for me, I remembered
the Think Right Now CDs were in my desk cabinet.  I knew I
needed help with my thoughts.  They were getting pretty
negative and I could not even think 'positive' on my own.
It took all my effort just to start listening to one of the

The timing was perfect.  After about a week of listening
to "I Love Exercising Now!" and "Eating for Excellent
Health Now!,"  I decided to get back into the gym.  In my
heart I loved working out, but felt so bad about how long
it had been, that I could not bring myself to walk into the
gym.  The next day my best friend called to tell me she had
joined the gym and asked if I would help her get started
using the free weights and machines.  I told myself 'great
timing.'  I starting exercising four days a week, and
continued to listen to both CDs.  At this point I also
loaded them to my Ipod and was listening to them at least
once a day each.

The story continues to get better.  About a month later, I
was feeling pretty good about myself.   I was exercising on
a regular basis, eating healthy, and feeling like I had my
life back.  It was time to get control of my day and
eliminate the meaningless tasks that had overtaken my life.
I started listening to "Setting and Achieving Goals Now" in
addition to the other two CDs.  My life really took a turn
for the positive.  I started using my old daily planning
system - I would write down the tasks I wanted to
accomplish for the day or week, prioritize them, and then
work them one by one. 

It didn't take long before I started not just looking at
the obvious tasks for the day (bills, laundry, etc.), but I
actually looked ahead in my life - months down the road.
Another amazing thing happened.  A different girlfriend had
just competed in the Police Olympics in couples
Bodybuilding and women's Figure.  She knew that 10 years
ago I had done a Fitness competition and she asked if I
would ever consider training for a Figure competition.  She
caught me at the right time - I was looking and feeling
better - I was getting fit again, and eating healthy seemed
pretty easy while listening to the CDs.  Feeling extra
confident on this particular day, I said "Yes, it is
actually a dream of mine to do something in Fitness."  I
knew it was an unfulfilled dream of mine to compete again.
(The first time I competed I did not have the support of
tapes/CDs like Think Right Now.  I was fortunate though to
have a very emotionally charged goal that kept me going NO

After some discussion and planning, we decided to enter
the NPC San Diego Figure Championships that were scheduled
for March 15, 2008.  It was October 1, 2007 and a BIG GOAL
was set!  A dream goal was put in motion.  I knew more than
ever I needed the assistance of the Think Right Now programs.

So off I went.  I knew in my heart that I could do it IF I
stayed totally focused on the positives and not the
negatives.  Although the goal of competing was motivating,
the path to get there would not be easy.  I listened
faithfully to all three CDs, rotating though each one as my
'attitude' needed.  I was very diligent in my 'listening'
right up until the holidays.  With Christmas shopping and
other family commitments, I found myself listening to the
CDs less frequently, even skipping some days.  Slowing some
of the old programs crept back in, and by New Years I was
pretty much ready to give up training for the competition. 

I was in tears one day when I decided to call one of my
best friends and sing my sad story to her.  Fortunately,
she believed in me and told me I CAN do it.  She was
forward looking and asked 'what do you need to get back on
track'.  After I cried about all the things that were going
wrong I realized that my overwhelming negative thoughts had
to be shut down immediately! 

I hung up the phone with her knowing exactly what I needed
to do:  Sit down and listen to the Think Right Now
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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So for the next 2 hours I sat on my couch and just
listened, and then listened some more.  By the end of those
2 hours my defeated attitude was gone and I could
realistically address the issues I was facing in preparing
for the competition.

One of my next steps was to call my girlfriend and to
'confess' that I had slacked off a bit.  Well, what do you
know - she was in the same boat as I was.  After going
though all our troubles, she told me that either way she
was going to do the competition.  That was all I needed to
hear.  The pressure was off - I wasn't going to let her
down, only myself.  If she was that confident about being
able to prepare in the time available, certainly I could
step it up a bit.  My revised game plan included listening
to the Think Right Now programs all day long!  As a stay at
home mom I had plenty of opportunity to listen to my ipod
throughout the day.

The 'Exercise Now' program helped me to keep up with my
workouts, and to push myself where I needed to.  The
statements about patience really struck a cord with me, and
carried me through some of my toughest days when I wanted
my physique to change in front of my eyes!  These words
kept me calm and focusing, helping me realize the physical
changes would come in time.  In addition, this program
helped me to have faith that I could actually reshape my
physique to be an effective competitor. 

I had looked at many pictures of the pros and at times
started to feel that my physique was so far away from where
it needed to be!  This program helped me to keep the faith! 

The Eating Healthy program helped me in several ways.
First, I had to eat five times a day.  This required me to
cook some of my food ahead of time so I can just measure,
warm and eat.  It seemed like a breeze to do this.  I had
to eat every three hours and my last meal was 2-3 hours
before bed.  I would put the CDs on and listen to them
after dinner to keep me on track and away from late night

The biggest thing the CDs helped me with is focusing on
the 'good' food I was eating.  The tapes helped me to block
out all the distractions that other food could have had.

Finally, the Goals program helped me to think BIG. 

As I listened to this CD I could feel my confidence grow!
The beliefs I gained from this are so powerful.  As the
competition date grew closer, I was focused, positive, and
easily completed all the final workouts, meals, posing
practice, etc. that was required in order to be ready for
the competition.

Well, the competition date finally arrived.  In addition
to my goal of reaching a certain weight and body fat
percentage, I also had a goal to win my category in the
competition.  I met my weight and body fat goal perfectly! 

And while I did not take 1st place, I did place in the top
5, coming home with a 4th place trophy!   I was so excited!
This was a big goal of mine that only weeks before did I
dare even think about achieving.  Wow, it actually came
true!  I cannot even tell you how awesome it felt at that
moment.  It was surreal.

My journey was DEFINITELY made easier and more enjoyable
by listening to all three programs.  And I don't mean
easier like people my think - like it was no big deal.  I
mean easier 'mentally' because I eliminated all the
negative thoughts and negative talk.  When this is
eliminated, even the tough tasks seem easier, even the
longest journey seems shorter.   I look forward to
continued success with my goals related to healthy eating
and fitness.

Thank you to the entire staff at Think Right Now!

Christine Howard


Mike: Christine is a real inspiration.  To go from dreamer
to dream achiever especially in something so personal and
visible is terrific.  Because over an above the obvious
pride she must have in sculpting a new physique, she has
created a new destiny that comes from a healthy body and of
knowing that when she puts her mind to something, no matter
how big or difficult, she can do it.

And that she's got the tools in Think Right Now that can
help to support her.

Join me in saluting Christine in her achievement.



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