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March 17, 2008

A hand in the toilet reveals a secret to all success

Hello my friend:

Yeah, I know. Disgusting. And a strange way to start an
email about changing emotions and behaviors.

Bear with me...

You see, just a few minutes ago, I accidentally knocked
the small door hook -- that I was about to install onto
back of the door -- off the shelf and right into the
throne.  Splash!

Well, even before it hit, I was moving to grab it.  Fast
action allowed me to retrieve it before it disappeared out
of sight.

And it only took about one full second after I secured the
hook, that it occurred to me that I just witnessed a
primary law of success in action.

That law is motivation.

I was motivated.  I didn't want to lose the hook because:

1- I might have to drive to Home Depot for another hook
2- It might get stuck in the plumbing, and what a mess...
3- It would be out of commission for a while and we have
guests coming over today
4- I didn't feel like writing a check for 100s of dollars
to a plumber

So yeah, I was motivated.  And washing my hands is a small
price to pay compared to all that.

The success principle is that when you want something bad
enough, you will get it.  You will do what you must to get
the desired result... no matter what.

It doesn't matter if you don't know everything...

Because if you are motivated enough, you will find out
what you need to know, whatever it is.

It doesn't matter if you don't have the proper skills...

Because with enough determination, you'll go get those

It doesn't matter if you are scared out of your mind...

Because if you reeeeeeally want something bad enough, you
will feel the fear and do it anyway.

That is why in my ridiculously effective behavior
modification program, Unstoppable Motivation Now
I built into it dozens of audible statements (yes, you
hear them) that drill into your head that you always keep
in mind why you are taking the goal achieving actions you
set out for yourself.

It is stuffed with mental re-patterning statements that
get you to believe what the most motivated, inspired,
determined, gutsy people do.

It forces you to literally think the same moment-by-moment
thoughts of the people who rarely if ever fail at anything.

It will install into you a never say die mindset through
all your waking hours.

It will turn you into a person who only gives up after the
fat lady starts singing.  And even then, on Unstoppable
Motivation Now you get a ton of re-patterning statements
that command you to see failure as only temporary.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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You see.  A thought I had yesterday afternoon while I was
out was that there are too many people that have only
enough motivation to get to the refrigerator and back to
the couch before the commercials are over.  Yesterday I saw
this 30-something guy in the parking lot who dropped his
keys on the pavement and he was so big (and lazy) that he
waited about 10 seconds until his also-large wife caught up
to him so SHE could pick the keys up for him.

Among many other failure-oriented mental patterns in this
guy was a total lack of motivation.

Now hopefully, you aren't in this guy's league.

But you don't have to be to benefit from a motivation
boost... all your waking hours.

When you ARE a motivated person, there almost isn't
anything you can't achieve.  So if you have found yourself
on the losing end of life way too often, ask yourself these

What if I wanted more out of life...?  What if I REALLY
wanted more?  What if I was the kind of person who, asked
more of life and never gave up until I got what I wanted?

Would your life change?

Would you even recognize yourself if you became that person?

That is what behavior modification is about and what
Unstoppable Motivation Now can do for you.

The question is, are you ready to take one small step in
order to make the BIG LEAPS in life that require stick-to-
it-iveness?  If you can take a small step, Unstoppable
Motivation Now
will give you the courage and strength
to go until you succeed...

...at everything you do.



P. S.  "The Leader's Mindset Now" is going up in price
in a couple days, so if you've been waiting, it's time to
get motivated.  Get the mindset of the greatest leaders
who every walked the Earth burned right into your brain
- automatically.

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