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March 15th, 2008

You don't have to be a robot

Hello my friend:

I got an interesting letter from Brett, who owns
"Unstoppable Motivation Now!"

He said the program has really given him the push he
needed to get his online business up and running.  But he
asked me why, despite listening every day for the past 2
weeks, his mind still races and he feels so overwhelmed at
Here's what I told him and will share with you.

Even after using a Think Right Now! program for a while,
it's not unusual to slip-up and run old thought patterns,
even if just for a moment.  Hey, you are human-not a robot!
And even the greatest among us, as I mentioned a few days
ago, have down times.  This programs puts the belief
systems and thought patterns in your subconscious mind
faster than anything else on earth, but...

Remember, you're trying to "undo" thought patterns and
habits you've had for years, if not a lifetime.  So if you
don't experience the clouds parting or feel like a new
person in a week, get real, be patient and do what the best
in every area of life do... keep going. 

Reversing decades of mental programming can start fast,
but just like all big jobs, it ain't over just because you
want it to be.  It can take time to completely "change who
you are"... right?  I mean, sure, I've seen miracles with
TRN, but even those miracles need a hand.

So having a "slip up" now and again is perfectly normal.
It means you are human.  It means you've been given a
chance to grow even faster.  Because undefeated teams
rarely win the big ones.  Just ask the New England
Patriots.  You gotta take your lumps and you gotta lose now
and then in order to know how to bounce back.  Perfection
is impossible.  Even things that seem perfect are not.

Just keep hitting the play button. Write and read those
statements.  And eventually, those slip ups will disappear -
and the new, positive beliefs, actions and attitudes will
take over.
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All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes a day to override the most
vile, anxiety-producing, failure-generating thoughts and
behaviors and replace them with new, powerful compelling
beliefs that will help you naturally attract the life you

Which means one thing: your days of failing to get what
you want are coming to an end.

You can put that in your pipe and schmoke it.



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