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March 10, 2008

Do this and you will feel unstoppable

Hello my friend:

Sometimes, even though you know everything you need to

You still don't have your 'A' game going.

After all, even champions don't win them all.  Even the
best have slumps.

But champions have it when it counts the most.  They can
get out of their slumps.

If today isn't going particularly well, sitting and
staring into space ain't gonna cut it.  Driving around
probably won't help.  A schmoke definitely won't.

So here's a way I've always found helps get me in a peak,
super powerful state.  I created this process after my
first firewalk about 16 years ago.  Before I walked on
those coals, I felt all-powerful.  And on the other side,
it was even better.  This process, once anchored in, gets
me into that same state now in an instant.

So if you are down now, or any time you need a boost for
that matter, here is part of the tool I created to develop
the feeling of being unstoppable.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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- http://www.instantinnerpower.com/demo.htm  

Here's the explanation of why it does what it does:
- http://www.instantinnerpower.com/default.htm

Trust me.  Do this and, plain and simple, you won't feel
down any more.

Just don't do this if you want to go to sleep.  Because
you won't.



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