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March 7, 2008

Join this elite group

Hello my friend:

It's been over a week since I've sent a success tip.

Sorry.  Thing is, major things are going on here...

Sherry's book series 'Great Taste No Pain'  is getting major radio
play all around the country... coming to a town near you
soon, no doubt.  And that takes serious attention, massive
action and ability to keep dozens of plates spinning at one
time with no letdown.  No small task considering that
everything at Think Right Now is heating up, too.

Because a breakthrough technology like ours that helps
people to quickly and easily change automatic moment by
moment thoughts, emotions and behaviors is big news to a
lot of people.  So... those plates are spinning ever faster.

This is true with all successful people... because ALL
major undertakings in EVERY area of life take planning and
execution and quick decision making... and brass cahonies,
much of the time.

Something most people shy away from.

So what is the key?

Well, a primary one is love.

Now, hang on.

I'm not talking about brotherly love, romantic love, or
anything warm and fuzzy like that.

The kind of love that allows people who accomplish great
things in all areas of their life is the kind that sustains
them when all hell is breaking loose all around, when each
day brings 20 new problems and delays.

See, I could say "do what you love" (and you should) and
everything will be fine.

But it won't. 

Hey, I LOVE sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand,
a cool drink in my hand and my babe by my side.  But if I
spend too much time doing that, someone else will soon be
living in my house and my keys won't work any more.

Yes... "Do what you love" is a great message.

But "Love what you do" is a higher level of ascendancy.

Because you can't always be doing what you love most. Right?

So when you are doing everything else, you GOTTA be loving
what you do.

Or else you'll feel bored, tired, frustrated, angry,
scared, jealous, and a lot of other ways you don't want to

This is why every minute of every day, your first primary
goal should be to be smiling.

Ever see people who have every reason to be miserable or
angry... but they aren't?
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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That is who you want to emulate.

I don't care if you are the president of a Fortune 100
company or a ditch digger... people who smile quickly and
often are the ones to copy...

...make smiling your habit and you'll be one of the most
admired, popular and successful people alive.

The two Accelerated Success Conditioning programs that
pull this built-in ability out of you best are
'Effective Time Management Now! and 'Infinite Joy Now!'

'Effective Time Management Now!', because it will instill
in you the automatic mental habits that keep you moving
forward on many important fronts, not just on "what you
love to do."

And 'Infinite Joy Now!' because while you are moving
forward on those many fronts, if you are miserable, you'll
shut down and then you'll break down.  You gotta be happy
doing everything (even the tough stuff).

When you are, you are in an elite group of doers and
winners... those who are busy doing important things and
are loving every minute of it.

Join this elite group.  You'll be "happy" when you do.



P.S. When you have every reason to cry, but you don't,
when most people would run away, but you stand strong and
shine, you'll never feel the need to spend months and years
in therapy or worse, take pills for depression or anxiety.
The ability to be happy and massively productive at the
same time is inside of everyone.  Learn the thoughts and
you'll be stepping up faster and faster... and loving it.

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