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February 11, 2008

Stupid questions and immoral people

Hello my friend:

For many years, having attended many classes, seminars and
after reading many books and listening to recorded
trainings, I must have heard hundreds of times, well
meaning but misguided "teachers" that, "There are no stupid

Uh, that would be wrong...

What got me thinking about this today is that I'm
currently in the market for a new portable audio/video
player since I'm transferring much of my own audio library
to mp3 format.

So I was online skimming some reviews, and came across an
article about the new Zune from Microsoft.  At the bottom of
the article, there were some comments from people who'd
read the article.

One said, "Microsoft is in Redmond, Washington?  I wonder
why they're not in Seattle."

Who cares?

What is the difference where Microsoft is?

The article was about one of their products.

Another stupid question was, "I wonder how much money
Apple spends on advertising in the NY Times?  Just curious."

Their minds have no direction, no purpose.

But it can get a lot worse.

There are other questions that do way more harm...

Like these...

"Why does this crap always happen to me?"
"Why in hell does it have to rain today?"
"I'm new at this... What does she expect?"
"Why do 'I' have to work so hard?"
"How can I get out of having to do it?"
"How good is that chocolate sundae going to taste?"
"Where might she hide her wallet?"

These questions either have only rotten answers that make
you feel bad mentally, OR they make you feel terrible
physically THEN mentally, or they launch you directly on a
path to destruction at 200 miles per hour.

Where do they come from... ?

They come from believing:
... that you aren't in control
... that if things aren't perfect, they're no good at all
... that you aren't able to learn fast
... that you are above having to put in some sweat equity
... that you were put on Earth only to be served by others
... that physical pleasure is more important than
everything else
... than your needs are more important than anyone else's,
by far

You see, people got this messed up view that if they just
"think positive," everything will be alright.

Ask 50 people on the street what positive thinking is and
they'll say it's being confident... being positive that you
can do something... that's what positive is!

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I know a lot of confident, "positive" people that I
wouldn't want keeping an eye on my wallet.

Here's an example... we just discovered a "successful"
business woman who teaches leadership of all things, and
you know what she did?

She bought a bunch of our programs, re-recorded them
herself, renamed them and started selling them.  Word for

I kid you not.

A crook pawning herself off as a trustworthy leader and

Well, of course, she's going to pay big time. She's about
to get a big surprise.  I hope she's not thinking of
retiring any time soon.

And our legal firm found another "company" copying our
success stories and putting them on their materials
attributing the life-changes people send us to THEIR

No morals.

No integrity.

They're another one about to be shocked at what happens
they steal from a big company.

Point is, "positive thinking" as it pertains to just
getting what you think will make you feel good will take
from you as much as it gives.

Because what is inside of you and how you go about
achieving your goals in life is way more important than
what you might get materially.

I've seen more marriages, friendship and business
partnerships break up because of lying, cheating and
stealing than I care to remember.

Bottom line is, you gotta live right.

And to live right, you gotta think right.

You must have beliefs that are in alignment with universal
good... Like my co-author Zig Ziglar has said for years,
"You can get anything you want in life as long as you help
enough other people get what they want."

If you ask questions that make you feel strong, and that
reflect a deep down goodness, it will color all your
decisions and actions.

Do what is right and you'll be alright...

You've got to accept and embrace, though, that doing what
is right is not always easy or fun.

It's often hard and not so much fun.

Show me a person who will argue this point and I'll show
you a dishonest, lazy bum who can't stick with anything and
that no one wants to be around.



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