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February 5, 2008

The 2 types of concentration - and sale ending

Hello my friend:

There two and only two types of concentration.

Both are important. 

Both are critical to you getting what you want in life.

Both are critical to you being happy in life.

The likelihood that you are good at both (or even one) of
them is almost zero.

It's just that concentrating is nothing we're taught to do
in school.

The FIRST type of focus is the ability to pay very close
attention to what you are doing at that very moment... not
capable of being distracted by anything at that moment.

If you developed it, this skill could help you literally
get twice as much done as anyone around you doing the exact
same thing.

Maybe three or four times as much.

And you can do them twice or three times as good, too.

Maybe four times as good.

Even if you think that is impossible.

Because little things that waste huge amounts of time can
get stuck in your mind like glue and kill productivity...

An itch, a bird singing, a cat scratching themselves,
trucks driving by, TeeVee in the other room, conversations
going on nearby, someone talking in the audience, the
temperature being a degree too hot or cold...

When you are prone to distraction, it could be anything...

Emails coming in... or just the thought of emails coming

Text messages... or just the thought of them.

You see, distractions are the same as worries... most of
them never actually happen anywhere except in you own mind.

And so when you can get rid of the debilitating habit of
being distracted by thoughts, sounds, physical feelings or
visions either in your head or in your actual field of
vision, you can become a dominating force in your own

You can actually take total, complete, 100%, absolute,
full (any other adjectives I missed?) control over yourself
and your life.

And it's just simple mental training that can get anyone

My grandfather could work men 40 years younger than he was
into the ground, literally.  God's honest truth.  He could
focus on a task all day long without taking a break.  I
remember him working in the hot sun bent over with sweat
dripping off his nose and he'd just keep working, and this
bead of sweat would just hang there.  He had to feel it,
for crying out loud, but he couldn't be bothered wiping it
off... he just kept working. Total concentration on the
task at hand. 

I used to call him the tortoise because he wasn't fast,
but he'd always get more done than almost ANYONE else
because of his ability to point himself in one direction
and go until the job was done.  I loved that about him...
not always at the time, mind you, since I was often forced
to keep going right along beside him -- no, it was years
later that I appreciated it the most, when I'd do the same
thing... just get lost in what I was doing, so focused that
I lost all track of time, and before I knew it, I'd be done
instead of having taken all night to do a job, or all week.

The average person today can't stick with a task for 10
minutes before they're bored or completely lost in their
own scattered mental chatter.

The SECOND type of concentration/focus is the long-term
type; concentrating on something that you are aiming for
that could be weeks, months or years away.

It could be getting a college degree, a health or fitness
goal, saving for a home or other large expenditure,
planning a vacation, earning a black belt, winning a
championship, leading your company to dizzying heights,
retiring with a specific amount of mun-nay in savings or

The ability to commit and stay committed to long-term
projects will leave no part of your life untouched and

Commitment is impossible without the mental ability to
KEEP IN MIND WHY you want to reach certain goals in the
first place.

New year's resolution are a good example of poor ability
to focus.

When you can't, upon being asked, explain both logically
and emotionally why you want to achieve a certain goal
you've set, than you will never reach it.  Never.  Ever.

Motivation is nothing more than focusing on why you want
something... either the pleasure you'll get when you reach
it or the pain  you'll get if you don't.

Nothing but mental focus.

People don't have motivation problems, they have focus
problems... no focus on the "why".

Not rocket science, my friend.

Skyscrapers are nothing more than examples of someone's
ability to stay focused for a long period of time.

Climbing tall mountains... same thing.

Simply staying focused until the job is done.
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Anything worth doing requires both short-term and long-
term focus.

For months my research team compiled reams of data on this
subject and it came down to a little over 600 large and
small patterns of thought, beliefs and attitudes... that
trickle down through a lifetime of conditioning in each of

Some people get good training in concentration starting
from when they're young, having disciplined childhoods,
being made to pay attention for long periods of time.
Others aren't so lucky and didn't have many rules or found
ways to get around them.

If you know someone...

...who can consistently work circles around everyone else
while taking the same amount of time, ask them some

Ask them how they deal with the endless stream of thoughts
in their heads while they're supposed to be
concentrating... ask them about how they deal with all the
normal distractions throughout each day without being taken
away from their tasks.

Do that and you'll find that they mentally shut it out...

They don't have to shut their doors.

They literally don't have distracting thoughts while they
are supposed to be concentrating on something else.
Outside sounds and physical feelings don't enter their
conscious thoughts.  Bright lights don't bother them,
extreme cold and heat doesn't affect them, humidity isn't a

In fact, when you have developed your mental skills to be
able to focus your mind to a high level, you can have such
control over your body, it could be scary.

Watch some old episodes of the 70s show 'Kung Fu' if you
want to see mental control.

Learn about the mental concentration skills of Yogis.

That is what we are talking about.

The ability to do anything better and faster and for
longer periods of time...

While being happy doing it.

I have used this skill to go over 48 hours without sleep
and not show one bit of diminished awareness.  Actually,
when you get hyper-focused, your awareness goes up

That is how major league baseball players can hit pitches
rocketing at speeds of 100 miles per hour and moving in all
directions with just a piece of wood less than 4 inches in
diameter.  Concentration so complete they can see the
rotation of the ball and can tell which way the ball is
about to break based on the spin.

And not only do they hit it, but they safely get on base
between 25% and 35% of the time.

Just remarkable focus.

That is why I believe that of all our Success Conditioning
Programs, 'Laser-Focused Concentration Now!' is our
scariest one.  Because it literally helps you do everything

If you want to gain the ability to concentrate so
completely in the moment, you can't be disturbed by an atom
bomb (short-term focus)...

And if you want to be able to stick with a project or a
dream for years even after everyone else has fallen by the
wayside (long-term focus), 'Laser-Focused Concentration
' is for you.

And here's something BIG for you to focus on...

The price of Laser-Focused Concentration Now is going up
on Thursday at 2pm U.S. Eastern Time.

Right now it's 40% off.

At 2:01pm on Thursday it will not be 40% off any more.

Plus, at 2:01pm, the 20% off sale on all our other
programs will end, too.

Just a little something to focus on...

Make it a great day.


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