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January 28, 2008

Real Self Esteem Now 25% off till midnight (U.S. Eastern Time)

Hello my friend:

On Friday, I sent out an incredible new TRN case study.  And
at the end of the email, it was mentioned that the program
used (Real Self Esteem Now!) was going to be 25% off until
Monday (today) until midnight.

A pretty huge deal to only mention at the very end.

So here is a bigger mention, and a last call for you to get
Real Self-Esteem Now at 25% off until Midnight tonight.

Below is the original case study email sent on Friday.


Real Self-Esteem Now helped her off narcotics

Hello my friend:

This letter just came in within the last two weeks.  I've
taken off the personal info, because most of it is so
extremely personal.  I wouldn't want this lady to lose her
job or anything like that.  So where she wrote names and
places, I replaced them with XXXXXX or changed names
altogether.  Other than that, it is printed as sent in,

For anyone battling depression and other "inner demons",
you'll be moved by this.  If you're not, then you'll still
be moved by this.

Also, I've got a special discount offer for you at the
bottom of this letter.  See ya there.


Hello Mike and dear friends at Think Right Now,
My name is Sandy XXXXXX, I am a XX year old Native
American living in XXXXXX.  I am married to a wonderful
husband named Joe, and we have four children together.

Before ordering and listening to your Real Self-Esteem Now
C.D., I would not have had the courage to write you this
letter.  Maybe not even be here at all.

You see, for a long time I have been battling severe
chronic depression by myself.  So I thought.  After a spinal
fusion (L5-S1) in 2002, I had started  abusing the pain
medication (Vicodin) to cope with my depression.  It made
me feel on top of the world for about 20 minutes, and then
I slept for 12 hours!

I never thought of asking for help because I was afraid
that would doom me as a "failure".

And deep inside I believed I did not deserve help.
"Googling" on self-esteem tips and websites I was blessed
and fortunate enough to come across your website and
ordered the gift of my new life, "Real Self-Esteem Now". 
Before the C.D.  I would lose my temper at the silliest
things, I would lose focus so quickly that my life was
chaos.  It was becoming more and more difficult to go to
work, (I have worked at the XXXXXX Company now for over XX
years).  I was always tired.
One night, my 16 year old son and I were driving to the
library to pick up my daughter, his younger sister.

We were waiting in my truck, it was dark out I remember.
Kyle was real quiet.  So I asked him what was the matter.
It wasn't until then that I noticed his tears.  My God!  I
thought...what could it be?

"Mom," he whispered, "Please get help.  You are always
tired.  You  never do anything with us anymore".  He cried.
My big, strong football player broke down in my arms.

My heart just broke Mike.  I know you are a parent too,
and can only imagine the heartbreak that both of us endured
that night waiting outside the library. 

I wasn't sure if Kyle knew about my Vicodin addiction, but
he had seen the cuts on my wrists before and knew I battled
with depression.  I hugged Kyle, and kissed his cherub
face.  I promised him I would.  The next day is when I
found your website. 

I listened to the "Real Self-esteem Now” for three weeks,
2-5 times a day/night.  I would play the C.D. in my
computer at work, and listen with my little ear buds.  I
would recite what was being said on my hour long commute
home (I found the C.D. too relaxing for me to drive with).
I spoke out loud the messages in the C.D.  I played it
again in my ear buds before falling asleep.
After 3 weeks, I checked myself into the hospital for
treatment with regards to Vicodin addiction, and then
started therapy for my depression.

I have been off narcotics since Memorial Day Weekend, May
2007.  I still battle with depression, but see a therapist
once a week.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Mike, I want to thank you, because of what you have
accomplished and bringing these gifts to the world, I am
able to give back now.  To give back all the love I receive
from my family and friends.  Your C.D. has helped in so
many ways, there is not enough room on this email to
explain.  Now, I want to be part of life, a part of my
family, to give and to share, to help friends and
strangers.  Without my self-esteem back, I would not be
able to enjoy life and to give back. 

I share your website when friends and co-workers ask me
what the "key" was.   I'm focused now.  And healing and
helping.  That is what I was put on this earth to do.  Maybe
I went thru the 5 years of pain for a reason, maybe someone
else is suffering and not sure what to do.  And when I tell
them to start at thinkrightnow.com, I know hope and healing
is just a UPS/FEDX truck away...
God Speed to you Mike and to everyone at Think Right Now,
I love you so much and am so grateful for the tools you
have given me.
With love and kindness


Mike: Wow.  My heart is full.  This is what I mean when I
say you can't sincerely desire to help other people and
give without receiving much more in return.

Does this happen every time?  No, of course not.   The
universe works in strange yet still predictable ways.  Inner
rewards are just as valuable as say... winning a medal or
getting cheers from a crowd.  More, in fact.  Because the
crowd may turn on you later.  But doing for others (now,
like Sandy is able to do) raises your self-esteem like
nothing else.


I think we'll run a weekend sale on Real Self-Esteem Now 

Until Monday night at midnight, you get Real Self-Esteem
Now for 25% off.

So do it now while it's fresh in your mind.  3 minutes is
all it will take



P.S. Remember, too that we are raising the price of 'Laser-
Focused Concentration Now!
' in just days.  If you need to
get more mentally disciplined and want to do it easily, AND
if you want to save some mooola, time is of the essence.

P.P.S. 25% off on Real Self-Esteem Now until Monday night
at midnight.  3 minutes is all it will take to get it on the
way to you.


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