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January 23, 2008

Doing the impossible every day

Hello my friend:

Back in 1987 when I'd gotten the "ah-ha" idea to merge
Lozanov's accelerated learning format "suggestopedia" with
all the information and advice I'd read (but wasn't moved
or changed by) I had no idea if it would actually work. 

That was 21 years ago...

It worked.  For as crude and incomplete as those first
tapes were, they worked.  And now not a day goes by that we
don't get letters and phone calls from all over the world
from people telling us that using our Think Right Now
Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs has turned them
in the right direction and helped to make them feel whole
often for the first time in their lives.

It's amazing.  When I first started studying different
kinds of behaviors and disciplines (happiness/depression,
good/bad eating habits, sales failures/success, physically
fit/unfit people, etc.) at the root of them all were 11
core mental failure patterns (or the ability to "repel"
them) and 11 core mental success patterns that create
positive results. 

That's it.

All other emotions and action habits spring from those
core internal habit patterns that we become conditioned
with throughout our lives.

And just using the very simple accelerated learning method
first developed in the 1960s, it has shown to be able to
"teach" people to think in ways their parents, teachers and
coaches could not.

Think Right Now programs literally teach people the
language of success and burn it into their minds.

If you are not using this simple fast method to create
both the internal peace and external success and abundance
you deserve, you could search fruitlessly your whole life
and still wonder why nothing seems to work for you the way
it does for others.

Here is an example of the letters we get daily.


Dear Mike

I would like to tell you about the 2 dramatic changes I
have noticed since using the "Laser-Focused Concentration

I'm the Research & Development Manager in a laboratory
where we develop new products (food) for our clients.  I
write all the formulations (recipes), and then the Food
Technologist would make-up the samples in the laboratory.
From there we do adjustments as necessary.

Some formulations are easy, but others have major
calculations and require serious concentration.  Now, being
in a lab or in the "service department", we do have lots of
interruptions.  I also receive numerous phone calls from
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

I used to have difficulty going back to my calculations,
sometimes had to start from the top to remember how far I
got.  I'm glad to say, that since using the Laser-Focused
Concentration program, I now continue with the calculations
as if there was no interruption.  That is great!!  I'm able
to get more work done.  The Food Technologist no longer has
to wait for me while I struggle through a formulation.

The 2nd major change, and I mean major change, is in
remembering peoples names.  I used to be VERY BAD at this.
I would forget a name within seconds of being introduced to
a person.  Now, I actually have to smile when being
introduced.  I can "hear" the ladies voice inside my head
telling me to concentrate on the person's name.  I then
immediately concentrate on the name, and it really works!!
It really works!!  I actually amaze myself when being able
to recall the name after a while.  Because I've been so bad
at this for so many years, it still needs a bit more of the
Laser-focused concentration, but it's exciting and it's
soooo good for the self-esteem!!  You know the saying: "it
makes my day?" well it does when I remember a person's name.

Thank you for the wonderful Think-right- products.  It is
life changing - for the best.


South Africa


Mike:  Hmm.  I never thought I'd be sharing a success
story from someone who creates chemically enhanced foods.
But hey, I have an open mind.  And it just goes to show
that TRN programs can teach you and help you internalize
the moment by moment conscious and unconscious habits of
the most effective people who ever lived...




P.S. If you want to shortcut your success and happiness in
life by months, years and even decades, don't delay.  Get
and use these powerful tools NOW.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com

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