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January 22, 2008

10 year depression sufferer finally gets relief

Hello my friend:

When you get depressed, it often takes away every ounce of
energy you've got.  It destroys any ambition and can
completely take away a person's will to live at all.

Imagine losing your son, your father, your brother-in-law
and your family pet all in just a few months.  That's what
Tony and his family went through. 

But with the help of four (4) different Think Right Now
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  programs, he got off all
medications and has started turning his life completely
around.  And Freedom From Depression Now wasn't even one of
the four programs!

Here's Tony's story:


Hello Mike,

I have been battling depression for more than 10 years.  I
tried to deal with the depression on my own for several
years, but the inner turmoil, insomnia, extreme apathy, and
panic attacks became too much to handle.  I sought
counseling, then psychiatric "advice".  After about a 15-
minute consult, the psychiatrist tossed me several
prescriptions, and I was all too happy to comply.

At first, the meds did make a difference, as the mood
swings evened out and the panic attacks disappeared.  But as
they say, "there is no free lunch".  Psychotropic drugs can
have some wicked side effects.  Without going into detail, I
began to feel that all of the meds I'd been given were not
in my best interest, and stopped taking most of them.  I
also stopped seeing the psychiatrist, and my family
physician agreed to help me with the depression,
prescribing a single low dose of a different antidepressant.

Things seemed to be going better - then in April 2004, our
son died just a month before his 15th birthday.  His death
came after a short and unexpected illness.  He was followed
in death by my brother-in-law, a very cherished family pet,
and my dad - all within just a few months.

Our lives were in a tailspin.  We basically just stopped
living: bills and other mail accumulated in piles around
the house; chores such as laundry and vacuuming were left
undone for weeks at a time; when I wasn't burning up my
leave at work, I just sat at my desk for hours on end,
staring out the window or at photos of our son.  The worst
part about all of this is that we knew what was happening,
but couldn't muster enough energy to even care.  At least we
were aware enough to get our children and us into family

As if having our family ripped apart wasn't bad enough, it
seemed as if our finances were shot, as well.  After paying
funeral expenses, we never seemed to recover, and struggled
paycheck to paycheck to meet our obligations.  It also
seemed as if financial crisis after financial crisis rocked
our family.  We did our best to shield our children from
further bad news, but they told us months later that they
felt we should have given them some credit for being able
to handle adversity.

We had been living a true hell on earth, and it continued
for almost two years.  Although we are Christians, I had
reached a point where I lost hope, and stopped believing
that anything good could ever happen to our family.  Our
circumstances began to improve a little.  We were able to
finally pay off some long-standing debt, and were able to
refinance our house at a more favorable rate.  It was about
that time (3 months ago) that I discovered your
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  web site.

Though I'm pretty skeptical about Internet hype, I decided
to give your programs a try, and ordered "Effective Time
Management NOW!" , "Financial Abundance NOW!" and "I am
Healed NOW!". I began listening to "Effective Time
Management NOW!" as much as I could, followed after about a
month by the other two programs.

I also ordered "Supreme Confidence NOW!"
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com and I now listen to one of
those programs day and night - in our home, in my car, and
through headphones at work.  I'm even listening to "Supreme
Confidence NOW!" as I write this.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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Things are happening slowly, but they are happening.

I have worked at the same government facility for 19
years, and I have long found my job to be safe, comfortable
- and highly unsatisfying.  The corporate culture there is
corrupt, and the ability to make a significant difference
in people's lives is missing.  Since our son's death, I have
made many journal entries, and those have helped me to home
in on my life's purpose.  After many hours, days, and months
of reading, studying, and prayer, I have decided to make a
major career jump into nursing.  I had an interest in
medicine in my youth, but wasn't a very good student my
first go at college, though I did manage to graduate.  I
have been accepted into a local school that has an
accelerated nursing program for returning adult students
who have to work while in school.  The pace for the next 3
years will be grueling, but I have the support of my wife
and children.

With the help of my physician, I am no longer taking the
antidepressant.  Even with tapering off of the low dose I
was taking, the withdrawal effects were horrible: severe
dizziness, nausea, and worst of all, absolutely raw
emotions.  Fortunately, the effects have mostly subsided,
and I will never again take any form of psychotropic drug.
I will face, and deal with, life's events head-on. I still
have a long way to go, but I've come a long way from where
I was, and your programs have helped.

I have also found that I have been able to tackle
necessary tasks better.  "One at a Time" is how I've been
approaching necessary tasks, and I'm beginning to see a
difference at home and at work.

My next chore will be losing weight.  Between the
antidepressant I was taking and our son's death, I have
gained about 40 pounds over the last few years.  We recently
bought all new bicycles for our children and us.  We've done
some local biking, and we're planning a fishing/ biking/
camping trip.  I spent a lot of time this weekend tackling
some yard work that needed doing - and boy am I sore!!  But
it feels good looking at the results when I stand in our
front yard.

Tony Turner


Mike: What a lot of people don't realize is that some
major causes of depression that don't include losing people
close to you are simply experiencing the normal
disappointments in life... things that are simply to be

People let us down, but you can't let it keep you down.

Machines fail, weather doesn't cooperate, injuries happen,
aging happens with all it's related maladies.

Life bounces funny ways.

And what we've found in those people who never - and I
mean never - get down for long is that they have control
over the core 22 mental patterns, those special beliefs,
thoughts, attitudes and emotional patterns that guide their

Learn about those patterns and how you can control them
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/default.asp   

Tony did and because of it, his life will never be the same.




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