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January 9, 2008

Stop having bad days

Hello my friend:

"I'm having a bad day."

I hear that all the time from people.  And when they say
it, you see the grief, their hair is hanging in their face -
or maybe it just seems that way... distraught looks on their

"What's going on?"

I mean, how can someone's entire day be bad.  And an even
better question is, how can someone have a bad week, a bad
month or a bad year.

"Well... I can't get my mind off (and they name some
pending situation/perceived problem)"

Ah, that's it.

It wasn't their job (other than the fact that they aren't
thinking about what they are doing... just going through
the motions, wasting tons of time, being less productive,
making unnecessary mistakes, etc.).

It's not their boss, although it soon will be if they
don't get their heads out of their butts.

The inability to be in the moment, the habit of having
your mind wander to negative thoughts (weather, you have
nothing to wear, can't pay bills, kids drive you nuts,
husband is demanding, in-laws are coming over, customer
questions, pending law-suit...) destroys productivity.

A couple weeks ago, when we released 'Laser-Focused
Concentration Now!
', I called my wife Sherry a freak. 
She's a freak in the sense that no matter what is going
on in her life or all around her at any given moment, she
can block it all out and stay focused on what she's doing,
no matter what she's doing.

Case in point, in the early 90's when she was an Chief
Disability Underwriter for Mutual of New York, there were
three other Chiefs who, like Sherry, got the big dollar
amount DI applications.  But in addition to having to
underwrite these big cases like the other Chiefs, Sherry
had a whole floor of underwriters reporting to her, coming
to her with any number of questions during the day.  So no
one would have questioned her if she got fewer cases
underwritten each day than the other Chiefs, who had no one
reporting to them.

Funny thing is...

She usually just about doubled the output of each of the
other Chief Underwriters.  They'd do 15-30 cases per day
and Sherry would get 25-57 done every day, even with all
the junior underwriters reporting to her... even though she
was studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, even
though she had a small child at home to take care of.
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The ability to focus...

When you can put your blinders on and shut off all inner
mind chatter (about anything) and block out all outside
noises, sounds, disruptions and excitement, you can be

Her skills at getting things done caught the attention of
the top people, she started to rise and her income went up
by an additional $30,000 in a 4 year period.  And it would
have risen a lot more there if she didn't leave to go into
the accounting field.

This is the case with anyone who can block problems and
disturbances and daily life out while they need to be
concentrating on what they are doing.

You'll stop making stupid mistakes.

You'll be able to set aside what aunt Judy said to you until
later so you can get done what you have to get done.

You'll get more done faster and better.

You'll have an hour or two more time every day to either
get more done or to relax or to exercise.

You'll have less stress and anxiety.

In short, you'll stop having "bad days" because you won't
be bogged down by those thing everyone else can't get their
minds off...

...because you can.

That is what we built into 'Laser-Focused Concentration

In this program, you will be mentally programmed to be
able to get so deep in concentration, so aware of what you
are doing that careless mistakes become a thing of the
past, you'll be able to multi-task "move multiple tasks to
completion at the same time" ten times better.

And you won't feel the stress.

Learn how it works here:

- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/a/concentration.asp  

Get it now and you'll do everything better.

And you'll stop having bad days because of not being able
to set aside your "problems" until you should.



P.S. Laser-Focused Concentration Now is still 25% off, but
won't be for much longer.  Get it here:

P.P.S. LFCN uses our proprietary Accelerated Learning
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the most effective people.  So it works fast.


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