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January 3, 2008

Evaluation time - How are you going to do it

Hello my friend:

Happy New Year.  That is what everyone wants, right... a
happy new year?  Who doesn't? 

One year...

One year is often the period of time where people sit down
and evaluate their lives - where they've been and where
they are going.  Evolved people do this.  Successful people
do this.  Effective people do this.  Truly happy people do

Actually THE most effective, successful, happy people do
this far more often than just once a year, but once a year
is a bare minimum.

This happened this week in the NFL, where the regular
season is over and the playoffs are about to begin.  In the
last few days, many teams who went backwards are cleaning
house.  They've evaluated their players and coaches and
they are eliminating the people they deem to be the cause
of the problem.

This is essential for organizations and teams as well as
individuals.  If you want to achieve greatness... if you
want to reach your goals in life... if you want to
eliminate unnecessary pain, you must be right.  You must
get the wrong people off your bus and get the right people
on it.

In sports and in business, the most successful
organizations create plans based on their strengths, their
weaknesses, their competition... and their plans have

I've watched the Patriots over the last years and what is
amazing is their ability to adapt to the team they're
playing. What teams find is that any success they achieve
in the first half of games, the Pats adjust better than
anyone else and take it away from them in the second half.
Shut them down.

Because business and life is not about unending success.
The most effective people have more - not fewer -
challenges than everyone else.
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More challenges - not fewer... because successful people
are never sitting still.  They are growing and challenging
themselves... just as in professional sports, where, as the
playoffs continue, the teams you meet get better and
tougher, not easier to beat.

You must adapt.  Adapt or fail.  Adapt or die.

Isn't life that way?  Doesn't each success you've ever
achieved in your life "reward" you with even greater
demands and even more difficult challenges?

And you can't hide from them.  If you do, you get to stay
the same... you get passed by... you get to feel sorrow and
regret. And that causes confusion, anger, jealousy,

That is why you must set goals carefully in each area of
your life.

That is why you must plan and be as organized as possible.

That is why you need to understand and embed the mechanism
of motivation into your mind.

That is why you need to become a person who, no matter
what, is action oriented, always doing THE most productive,
goal achieving action possible, not just a "busy" person.

The accelerated thought and behavior modification programs
we've developed to help you become this kind of person, are

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Each of these programs was exhaustingly researched,
designed to get you to think and act like people who enjoy
the most extreme success and achievement possible.

Use them faithfully and you won't need our programs for
anxiety or depression, because you'll have the mental
skills and abilities to ease on past the things that turn
other people to stone, unable to do what they must and
enjoy the process.

Time to get off thee buttocks and do what you need to do
to make 2008 the most important year of your life.



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