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December 19, 2007

Change doesn't need to be difficult

Hello my friend:

For many years -- centuries really -- mental training has
been 'round...

Hypnosis got its start a lonnnng time ago, Anton Mesmer was
among of the first in the 1700s and early 1800s, and is
widely seen as the "father" of hypnosis.  He was also seen
as a kook by many people of his day.  It takes a while for
new things to catch on, you know.  His name is where the
term "mesmerized" come from.  Little trivia for you...

The practice of visualizing is also widely used by many
today for just about everything, and it has been effective
in many areas of life.

Psycho-Cybernetics has a long and storied history.

NLP has shown great promise, mostly in therapist’s offices,
if you can find any that use it.

EFT is very highly touted and exciting.

The thing about any "self" help and personal growth
"program," that is supposed to help you get rid of bad
habits, gain new good habits, heal your body of ills or
help you "think positive" is that even the greatest new and
old tools, including our Accelerated Success Conditioning
Programs is that you have to actually use them to gain any

Bummer, huh?

It shouldn't be...

The thing about most tools is that they are only good in
the hands of people who know how to use them.

For example, school books in every classroom in every
grade level are handed out yearly to milllleeeons of

The same books... with the exact same information in each
of the books.

But only a infinitesimal (very small) group will master
the material.  [These are the kind of people whose mental
patterns we model in our programs]

A larger group will learn it fairly well.  An even larger
group, even with a teacher there every day giving
assignments, quizzing, testing and going over the materials
regularly, will only know just enough to "pass" and then
within a month or so, completely forget over 95% of it as
if they never heard it before...

6 months later, most will not even remember the basics of
what they "aced."

The same is true with self-help programs.

I myself studied diligently, every day, books and tapes...
honestly, every day!

But none of it stuck.  I was fighting, as everyone else
does when trying to change behaviors and emotions, a
lifetime of programmed ways of dealing with life.

It's nearly impossible to suddenly (or even slowly) change
how you "feel" about doing a specific set of tasks and not
be afraid or angry if that is how you've dealt with these
tasks or situations your whole life... isn't that right?

It's hard to stop eating foods you love...

It's impossible, really, to gain the exercise habit
(because it's difficult!) if you never have done it (or
needed a coach yelling at you for years to get you to do it).

Can a messy, disorganized person just decide one day to
start being an organized, planner of a life, moved by a
greater purpose other than satisfying their base pleasures?

I've studied it and I've studied tens of thousands of
regular people.

And I have found that the answer is no.

Not unless your life is on the line, and even then, the
majority can not and will not change a single habit... even
if it will literally save their lives.

You can't just read about a totally foreign concept like
professional selling, or teaching or being happy or ending
anxiety attacks once, "get it" and your life is forever

That is not possible...

And that is why so many people just go with the flow,
believing in some strange way that their life is "pre-
destined", that they are supposed to be the way they are
right now, unable to do anything about it...

Yup, unfortunately what we THINK we know gets in the way
of what we WANT to know and do.  "Too smart for our own

The self image and all the other core (automatic) ways we
use our brains and minds is what controls our emotions and
decisions and actions.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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I got lucky.  20 years ago, some of my most destructive
and failure-oriented patterns that I had about life and
about myself -- I learned were not true by a stroke of
luck, or perhaps destiny.

But regardless of how I chanced upon the idea to mesh
Lozanov's Suggestopedia with the inner dialog, beliefs,
attitudes and emotions of the most well adjusted, happiest,
most effective people, the fact is, it provides measurable
results for those who use it.

When you, daily, repeat the most empowering beliefs found
in the most effective people, when you listen and write it
out, taking only minutes a day, often taking no time at
all... just listening to these new beliefs while you snore
the night away, magic can happen.

You can come to actually like the beneficial habits you
now hate.

You can eat the food you refuse to eat now.

You can grow to enjoy and even love doing the "goal
achieving" tasks that you wouldn't dream of doing now.

Things that currently make you angry or afraid or
depressed can magically be seen not as bad, but as good and
even fantastic...

Like magic.

Hard to imagine if every day is torture for you, I know.

But if one person can "see" a tragedy as an opportunity...
or if someone can turn their noses at donuts and chips,
then so can you.

You can actually "learn" to think as they think.

Without even having to think about it.

Each skill (or lack of skill), each set of emotional
patterns have deeper core patterns.

Each action you take is the result of many complex sets of
ideas, thoughts, emotions and very deeply held beliefs.

And the ones that you want to change (but "can't") can
actually be changed easily if you just do a few
extraordinarily simple and easy, tiny little things.

LITTLE things.  Easy things.

If you want to replace painful, dreadful emotions with
happy, joyful, positive ones, let me show you how simple it

- http://www.thinkrightnow.com

If you want to get rid of bad habits and put in their
place habits that can transport you to your biggest goals
in life... even to your "dreams" then try one of the
easiest, simplest forms of mental training imaginable.

Using one of the most effective, and certainly the
easiest, learning methods ever devised, that is what Think
Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs do.

...train the user to automatically, without strain,
without struggle to easily get yourself to do the things
you now find difficult or impossible.

...train the user to automatically feel happy, lucky,
fortunate, strong, confident, motivated, capable and a
whole host of other positive, empowering emotions that will
help you succeed in a variety of ways the rest of your life.

Thousands of people in every corner of the globe testify
to how well this simple, easy to use method works.

Why struggle any more?

Wouldn't it be better to feel strength and power where you
now feel weak or hopeless?

Perhaps it's new to you, but it's not new.

It's proven.

Be a better version of YOU.  NOW.

You can, even if you think you can't.

Since everything at http://www.thinkrightnow.com  and
- http://www.instantinnerpower.com  is 15% off till
Christmas Eve, it's a pretty good time to start, too.



P.S. Since 'Conquering Social Anxiety Now!'
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today.  Incredible stories of change and growth.  You'll be
inspired by  them.

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