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December 7, 2007

Now repeat step one

Hello my friend:

I'm always inspired when I watch sports teams practicing
at the beginning of each new season.  They work on the
basics.  The easy stuff.  Pros are out there doing things
12 year olds are being taught.  All-Stars are shooting free
throws, fielding bunts, catching short passes, hand and
foot positions, etc.

It's the same at seminars.  Teaching the basics before
moving on.

It's the same whenever I read a new book or report on a
breakthrough discovery on any topic.

This is what creates success at EVERYTHING.

And the most basic building block of success at EVERYTHING
is what we say to ourselves silently all day long.

There is nothing more basic.  Nothing more foundational
than our inner dialog and the movies (past, present and
imagined future) we see in our minds.

You can pop pills, talk with a therapist for years, read
every book on a subject (panic attacks, for example), and
nothing truly big changes in your life.

Because just like in sports, where every year the best in
the world are always working on and perfecting the basics,
you and me and everyone alive needs to work on step one.

Miss this step... ignore it... deny its importance...
argue against its role in your success, happiness and peace
of mind...

...and you get to have failure, frustration and misery. 

And you come to believe it is your fate to be mediocre,
average or much worse.

But when you alter on your moment-by-moment inner dialog,
your self-talk and your mental movies, you get this thing
called rapid change of habits.  You get successful outcomes
where you only knew failure before. 

You get happiness doing "work" where you hated it before.

Your enjoy success and expect more where you waited for
the next disaster before.

You get the MOST out of each delay, setback and failure,
where you used to have only frustration, stress and more

Yes, all real success in life starts in your mind.

All success starts with your beliefs.  Your moment by
moment thoughts.  Your attitudes.  Your emotions.

Which all create right decisions and actions.


That is what Think Right Now Accelerated Success
Conditioning Programs do.

Nothing fancy.

Just the basic building blocks to getting the right
actions and right results you want.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Dear Mike
 I can't thank you enough!   I have been in my business
for over 20 years.  I have survived, but never thrived.  In
recent years, I have been depressed and hated going into
the office.  A few months ago, I ordered Accelerated Sales

For the first few nights, I think I had resistance to the
messages, because I was annoyed and had trouble sleeping.
I persisted though and soon was sleeping well and waking
with a new found enthusiasm. 

 Next I was making sales calls with a courage that I have
never before known.  My life was transformed.   I had hope
and confidence for the first time that I can remember.  I
absolutely knew that I would be successful. My sales have
recently picked up dramatically.  

Thanks again!
Terry Eisert


M.B.: That is what changing automatic responses through
changing your inner dialog and mental pictures does.
Basics.  Beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions.


Dear Mike,
I have been using your "I Am Smoke Free Now!" CD
 for about 6 weeks and am pleased to report I have stopped
smoking easily after over 40 years of being a slave to the
I have also been using the "Accelerated Sales Success!" CD's
I'm feeling full of life and energy, my clothes and hair
no longer smell like smoke, but more important still, I am
free of the fear of contacting some deadly disease at any
I didn't have to buy any products such as nicotine
patches, chewing gum or lozenges either so that is a big
saving. My self esteem has increased substantially too as I
never really believed I could give up smoking!
If anyone is hesitating about purchasing this CD, all I
can say is "GO FOR IT!" Give yourself the gift of longer
life and freedom from the slavery of smoking once and for
I know I'll never go back to smoking, in fact now I'm
wondering why on earth I spent all those years trying to
ruin my health and burning so much money away in smoke.
Thank you for making it so easy!
As for the "Accelerated Sales Success" CD;
I've been using this program for around 6 weeks, I tried
to listen to both CDs but sometimes I only got the chance
to listen to 1 a day.
I have my own business selling children's education books
and of course it involves making cold calls.
I used to pick up the phone and freeze! I absolutely HATED
it.  Of course this was reflecting on my bottom line.
Mike, I can now make a sales call without trembling and
heart palpitations.

And surprise surprise, people are actually quite nice!  I
haven't had anyone hang up on me yet.  All that fear was in
my mind.
Thanks so much for helping me turn the corner in my
Thanks and best regards
Wendy Owen, Australia


M.B.: Basics.  Whenever ANY method, technique or therapy
works, it changes you are saying to yourself.  Your
beliefs.  What you tell yourself and the type of pictures
you serve up on your mental movie screen (yes, you control
them).  You just need training to be able to change them.

We can help train you.

Go to http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp  and
everything you need is right there.


Mike Brescia

P.S.  Our new program Conquering Social Anxiety Now
is designed to shut down the self talk that creates fear
in social settings while at the same time it consciously
floods your mind (no subliminal messages!) with thoughts,
ideas and beliefs found in the most socially comfortable
and outgoing people alive.  Wouldn't that be nice!?


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