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November 29, 2007

I say bull****

Hello my friend:

The meaning of life...

That is a great question to ponder, eh?

Until the end of our time on Earth, people will be asking

I don't know what the answer is, but I know what it is not.

The meaning of each of our lives is not the meaning our
parents and teachers gave us.

Because way too often, as we are growing up and learning
how to feed and clothe ourselves and how to stay in line
and how to keep quiet and how to wash our hands, etc., we
are told a lot of things that just aren't true.

For example, most of us have it drilled into us that we
have very defined limits that we should stay within.  We
are sold on the fact that we have limited capabilities.
Don't work too hard, now.

We are told that we aren't as good as other people, that
we're not as smart as other people, that we're not smart
enough... that we don't measure up.

I remember back when I was around 19, I was told by a
guy... (he was 25) that this girl I was interested in (she
was 20, I believe) was "out of my league."  Well, I knew he
was full of it... And my suspicions were confirmed soon
after when I learned that he, himself, was putting the
moves on her.  So he had a motive for saying what he did.

The point is, so many people would be affected by comments
like his, especially if they were repeated by one or more
people over a long period of time.  People who hear
comments like his often believe them on a deeper level of
mind and so they can have life-long effects.

And it's the same for everyone who has ever put you down. 

They have their own, probably selfish, reasons.

And the truth is, their reasons have nothing to do with
you and your true capabilities and your true value.

But it's experiences like these, being criticized, making
mistakes, forgetting things, being defeated, a poor grade,
a rejection, being teased, getting passed over, not invited
to some event...

...These things, which have no true power are given HUGE
POWER over people because they give these events/results
meanings that disempower them.

Forgetting something means you are stupid.

Being laughed at means you're no good.

Losing the game means you are a loser.

Getting a C means you'll never be who you dream of being.

Being hit and screamed at as a kid means you are worthless.

Being poor means you aren't as valuable as people who have

If these things happen repeatedly or for a long time, they
must be true, our minds tell us.

So we learn... we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we
have limits and that we cannot go beyond them.  Period.

Well, I say bull****.

I say that if you are reading this, you, at least on some
small level, say bull****, too.

I discovered the purpose of my life, which is to help
people become their best selves by training them to think
like and act like the most successful among us, in 1998.
And all my major decisions since then have been with my
purpose in mind.

So the meaning of life, I believe, is different for each
of us...

There are so many ways to excel and to contribute and to
make a positive difference to others immediately and for
hundreds and thousands of years.

The worst, most pathetic way to live?

Not to be of value to others... to live with only our
immediate pleasure to guide our decisions and actions.  To
be dishonest.

If you haven't already, join me.  Join us at Think Right
Now, International.

Learn how successful, happy, productive, enthusiastic
people think and live.

Learn the deep inner thoughts that drive the most
effective people to be the way they are.

It's not what you'd think.

Because success in one area of life requires a whole
different set of beliefs, thoughts and attitudes to be
successful in another unrelated area of life.

You see... you could be a self-made millionaire but still
be depressed and unhappy. 

See?  Different sets of beliefs, thoughts and attitudes!

It transcends color, age, nationality and education.

Every skill area of life is controlled by the 22 core
mental patterns, which are programmed and strengthened from
the time we are very young.

That is what makes changing them so difficult for most

Use the system I discovered and am continuing to develop.

Learn about and most importantly, USE it as prescribed in
the manual you get with each Think Right Now Accelerated
Success Conditioning Program.

No, I don't profess to know THE meaning of life, but in
order to find the meaning of YOUR life and live it, you
will definitely find useful a bunch of tools we have
created for you at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com 

See ya there.



P.S. Our program Unstoppable Motivation Now and
the Instant Inner Power program Instant Motivation found at
are perfect for getting and keeping you focused on your
biggest reasons (your purpose) for achieving anything.
When you have no big reasons and when you don't stay
focused on the reasons you do have, you'll quit way too
soon.  But with big reasons that you keep focused on,
you will achieve things you can't even imagine now. 

(c) copyright 2007 Think Right Now Int'l
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
- http://www.instantinnerpower.com

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