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November 27, 2007

30% off sale ends at midnight tonight - and 2 success stories

Hello my friend:

The sale that started a week ago is ending tonight.

This is the only big sale we've had since the beginning of
May - almost 7 months ago.  And it's over tonight.

There are 7 programs discounted on this page:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp

Every product that has in big RED LETTERS - the word
"SALE" next to it is going to be 30% OFF UNTIL MIDNIGHT.
All those programs will be marked down 30% until Tuesday.

One of the programs on sale is Real Self Esteem Now.

Here are two success stories with this program.


Dear Mike,

It's true, if you change the way you look at things, the
things you look at change.  After nearly half a decade of
living more of an endurance match than a life, I feel a
promise for tomorrow that is all new to me.  My outlook was
as grim as my abusive alcoholic and chemically dependent
parents'.  Turning the negativity inward, I was
disapproving, harsh and unforgiving to myself.  Years of
seeing myself as a loser eventually began to manifest
itself in ugly ways and my world began to unravel.  My
business was a disaster, most of my relationships were
rocky and my home life was hell.

A caring person sent Real Self Esteem Now
suggesting it as an alternative to the talk therapy I was
resigned to. (Counseling helps, but for me its benefits are only
temporary.)  I've been listening to the programs for about
five weeks now and added Infinite Joy Now
three weeks ago.  I put them on at bedtime plus I listen
during the day.  The inner peace alone is miraculous but the
tangible changes are wilder than anything I could have
hoped for.

My employees want to know what medication I'm on, my
family doesn't know what to think and the positive energy
is rubbing off on everyone.  My son is suddenly acting quite
mature and his grades are better.  My friends spend more
time around me now and there is a lot more laughter.  My
husband just keeps saying how incredible I am, but even
better-he seems to be going easier on himself and our
relationship is the best it's been in our 23 years
together.  At work, there is new momentum and a dynamic
shift in attitude and results.  The business was dying a
slow death but we've written more new business in the past
month than I can ever remember.

These programs gave me new ways to think about my life and
myself.   They provided nurturing ideas that I'd never been
exposed to or would have ever managed to formulate on my
own.  The future seems so different now.  Whatever it brings,
I think I'll handle it pretty well.  Somehow I knew life did
not have to be so glum but I didn't know how to change it.
Then Think Right Now found me.  I never imagined changing my
world could be so easy or so fast.  I can't wait for tomorrow.

Cindy Ritchie


M.B.:  You know, there is nothing better in the world than
to know the good fortune you begin to experience in your
life is your own doing and not just dumb luck.  Pure luck
does nothing for your self esteem.  Effort and the rewards
that come from it are pure magic, though.  Isn't that right?



Here's a story that came in quite a while ago that I've
never shared with you before.  But just like wine, it gets
better with age:

My name is Dawn Whiteman and recently I was given your
"Real Self Esteem Now" program

A good friend who has used your products gave it to me as
a gift - and what a gift it was.  I've never felt "good
enough".  I was raised in a very critical household and all
the negativity stuck to me like glue.  I grew up believing
that I was the sum total of every "not so good" thing my
parents told me.  This belief system affected every part of
my life.  I always end up in dead end jobs working for
critical bosses.  I dated men who reinforced everything my
parents told me.  Even the apartment I live in is shabby and
far beneath what I envisioned my home would look like.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
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For Christmas I received your Real Self-Esteem Now
program.   Now, it's February 21 and it's like I have a
whole new life.  The first thing that changed is that I
dumped my negative boyfriend.  I just couldn't tolerate
being around someone who had nothing good to say - and was
going nowhere.  He didn't like my listening to your program
and gave me an ultimatum!  I chose Real Self Esteem, and
sent him packing.  I listened to it every night for a month
starting Christmas night. Now I do a weekly tune up.  I
double up on my listening when I have to visit my parents.
I listen to it before I go, and when I get home.

I was having lunch with a friend and she noticed a huge
difference in me.  She commented on it and asked what I had
done differently.  When I told her about your program she
was very impressed.  She suggested I get a resume together
and give it to her.  I did and she took it to her boss (a
man she has always said was the nicest and fairest boss in
the world).  He wants to interview me for an office
management/purchasing position.  It's a great job and the
salary is about $4500 more than I am currently making at my
dead end job.

WHEN I get this job, I am moving out of my dumpy apartment
building and into a nicer neighborhood.

Most important, my relationship with my parents has
totally changed.  I used to dread going to see them because
they'd always find something negative to say and it always
brought me down.  I'd often leave their home in tears.  Now,
it's like I am coated in Teflon.  Nothing they say sticks to
me.  I am patient with them, but not the doormat I once was.
If the atmosphere becomes too negative, I just stand up and
announce that I am going home, I am not crying on the way
out the door anymore.  I feel sympathy for them, but what
they say and how they behave just doesn't bring me down

Is this all really happening or am I dreaming?  Your
program is a miracle in my life.  Thank you so much.

Thanks again, Mike.  Your product simply changed my life. 
Sincerely, Dawn Whiteman



M.B.: "Hit the roo-oo-oad Jack, and don'tcha come back no
more, No More, NO MORE, no more..."

Love that song!

Well, gotta go.

Remember to get over to
http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp  and take advantage
of the sale before midnight tonight (US Eastern Time)

Love Mike

P.S.  The discount is 30% off on 7 programs from this page:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp  and when it's
over, it's over.  For phone orders, call 1-315-436-3057
today between 8:30am-4:15pm Eastern Time.

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