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November 21, 2007

RI woman wins custody and is finally making friends - &
sale ends Friday

Since the other day when I announced 7 TRN programs
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp  were discounted
30% until this Friday, all our Client Services staff have
flames coming from their keyboards...and their fingers!
Reminds me of that Nicolas Cage movie, Ghost Rider!

The gist of the programs on sale are primarily of mental
health, self esteem and confidence.  Gotta keep everyone
happy during the stressful holiday season, you know.

One of the programs is infinite Joy Now.

Here's one lady's experience with it:

Hi Mike,
I have been suffering from mild depression since my
husband and I started a lengthy court battle over my
stepchildren's custody.  We have won sole custody but I
realized that's just half the battle, being a full time
parent to children not my own is too much for one heart.  My
stepson has ADHD and my stepdaughter is hypochondriac.  I
won't even mention about my husbands ex-wife.
I work full time sometimes more than 8 hours a day and
come home to take care of everybody including my dog.   I
have so much on my plate that sometimes I just want to walk
away from it all.  The stress I am under has overwhelmed me
and it's physically manifested.  I started to lose weight,
been sick and aged a lot.  My psychiatrist thinks that I
should go on depression medication but I refused to take
anything that is not natural.  I believe that what I need is
to change my attitude towards things that I can never change.
That's when I decided to try your INFINITE JOY NOW CD 
and it has made a big difference in how I react towards
the daily events in my life. I am not perfect but I am
doing a lot better.  My husband noticed it too, he said to
me this weekend "you know what honey, I like you this way,"
I know exactly what he meant. I have gone from constantly
being upset to a happy light-hearted person.  I notice that
my husband is now more loving towards me.  He is more
appreciative with what I do and he is more sensitive to my
 My sense of humor is back, I am able to laugh more often.
My stepchildren and I are getting along much better.  After
2 years in the same neighborhood, I am finally making
Because of my NEW ATTITUDE, my friends actually thought
that I am on depression medication.

Thanks to your wonderful audio program.
How I wish I bought it sooner!!
Joanne M.
North Providence, RI


Here's one for Supreme Confidence Now:  Life coaching
worked... for a few weeks. TRN to the rescue!


Dear Mike,

I have been listening to your Think Right now programs
Super Confidence Now and I am Healed Now
for the past few weeks.  While I had a hard time listening
to the CD's at first, feeling anxious and worrying whether
or not they were working, I have noticed strong changes in
my energy and confidence.
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I began listening to your programs because I reached a
major point in change in my life and was feeling depressed
and physically ill.  I have fibromyalgia and have been in
and out of therapy since I was a child.  I also have been
diagnosed with clinical depression and panic disorder.  Yet
despite all this I have prided myself on being more
successful than a lot of people with similar conditions
since I was able to graduate from college and work part
time.  However I've always struggled silently in pain and

While I was looking forward to graduating since I wouldn't
have to worry so much about balancing two different things,
a lot of worries came up for me after college ended.
Specifically that I won't be able to hold down a job
because of my pain disorder, and get fired for taking too
many sick days off of work.  On top of that I just broke up
with my boyfriend of one year and have felt kind of 'lost'
without him.  I hadn't been eating right and my mind has
been in a constant daze, obsessing about the things he had
said to me that I'd done wrong.  So I turned to an old
healthy way of dealing with my problems--meditation and
personal development, and found your Think Right Now

I was glad to learn how Think Right Now can really offer
permanent changes.  I had gone through a great life-
coaching/seminar workshop before and felt great for a few
weeks afterwards but noticed that I changed back to old
ways of thinking rather fast. 

What I liked about these CD's offered more permanent
changes, since they would change the subconscious part of
my mind to 'think' in positive ways instead of tell me what
I should and should not be doing.  I also didn't have to sit
down and do a full mindful meditation for an hour a day--I
could leave them on in the background.

Now after listening for only a few weeks I've noticed I'm
less anxious around the house and even at my volunteer job.
I wasn't scared to talk to someone new today, and I didn't
obsess over every little thing that came out of my mouth. I
felt genuinely happy to be there, not like I had to pretend
to be happy there.

On top of this I have had two interviews with a different
company and they seem really impressed with me.  I have one
again tomorrow and am not at all scared about it. I didn't
feel sick or worried about all the pain I would be in the
next day, I just knew I'd manage to get through it.

I am seeing a therapist at the same time, and while I find
it a bit uneasy to talk about things, I know that I deserve
to be in a position where I can manage my stress.  I am
confident about choosing the job that's best for me, not
just best for my parents or my friends.  I feel like I
deserve friends, and while I still find it hard to put
myself out there sometimes I feel like I'm getting better
and better at it. I know that I can learn from my mistakes
and put more emphasis on what I can do than what I cannot!!

Thanks Mike!

Your friend, Megan


M.B.:  It's amazing how just a small switch it is from
doubt to confidence.  Small but profound.  Just thoughts
and emotions.

Gotta go.



P.S. To refresh, these 7 programs are discounted 30% until

Freedom From Depression Now

Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now

Infinite Joy Now

Both Real Self Esteem Nows (adults and kids)

Supreme Confidence Now

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