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November 17, 2007

Next 1,000 people: Get a free Think Right Now program

Hello my friend:

Yes, that is right.  Membership does have benefits!

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We'll be limiting this to the next 1,000 people who order
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I'LL TELL YOU HOW to request your free program in
just a minute, but first...

...About the Great Taste No Pain System.

Nowhere on Earth will you find all the information you'll
get in the Great Taste No Pain System all in one place
without having to go through hundreds and hundreds of pages
and many books and manuals to learn what you need to know
to eat for super high energy, comfortable digestion and
staying at your ideal weight.

Back in 1986, I was taught some of the basics of how to
combine my meals properly.

It was right after an all-day party...

Over the course of the day, I had a burger, a few ears of
corn, some incredible potato wedges all spiced up nice, an
excellent fresh salad and some other veggies throughout the

I wasn't stuffed.  I felt OK for quite a while.

But when I got home, I felt really tired really FAST, so I
went to bed.  Then I started to sweat and in my lower abs
it felt like there was a rock in there.  I took an
antacid... then a bunch of them.


So I called someone I knew who used to run a health food
store and asked her what I could have done to bring this on.

"Do I have food poisoning?"

"Probably not..." was the answer, "but that combination
would make *anyone* feel pretty wiped out and give them a
rock in their stomach.  You'll just have to wait it out."

Not what I wanted to hear.

But the "that combination" line made me ask questions.

So as I laid there on the floor in misery, over the phone
I got my first short class on the science of human
digestion, how it works, and what happens in your stomach
and in your whole body when you combine "incorrectly" and
when you do it in a way that allows your stomach to make
quick work of moving your food through and into the small

Do it right and you don't feel anything going on in your
stomach.  You feel the same after a meal as you do before.

But do it wrong and you got pain, gas, constipation or at
very least, your energy level drops dramatically and you
feel tired.

Do it wrong for years and you have what is called pre-
mature aging and "dis-ease."

Since these kinds of episodes had happened to me on
numerous occasions throughout my life, I made a commitment
right then and there as I laid on the floor that I would
never put myself through this again.

Nothing was worth this agony.
Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Heck, she said I could still eat basically what I wanted
as long as I didn't eat foods together that didn't play
nice with each other, so... 

No problemo.  I can do this.

So from the next day until NOW, I have eaten very well...
The only difference is that I eat foods together that
digest well together.

That is why I have had only two more stomach aches in the
last 22 years.  I can't remember any, but I "probably" did.

I just don't want to exaggerate.  So "probably two."

MAYBE three... in 21 years.

So when I met Sherry in 1992 (we were married in 1996) and
she told me about her debilitating stomach disorder,
diagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel disease), I gave her a
quick primer on how she could decrease her symptoms

And then we had dinner. 

And she had no pain.

She told me she hadn't gone even one whole day without
pain in over 6 years due to the IBS.

So the NEXT day would be the real test.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner and...

...No pain. 

No gas, no constipation, no bloating.

She was a believer.

Ever since then, she's meshed the medical experience she
gained in the health insurance field with the study of
properly combining foods and has become one of the most
knowledgeable people I've ever met concerning diet and

And it's not just book knowledge.

She walks her talk.  Unlike all the fat dieticians working
in the health field today, Sherry is one of the trimmest,
healthiest, most energetic people you will ever meet.

Oh, and even though her doctor, a pretty well-known
gastroenterologist, told her she'd have to give up a lot of
foods and that she'd have to take digestive medication and
pain medication for the rest of her life...

...He was dead wrong.

She has not taken any of it.

And she eats ALL the foods he said she couldn't.

And STILL she has no problems in her stomach.

That is someone you want to learn from.

Someone who's been to the mountain and back again.

And for the next few days, for the next 1,000 people (one
thousand) you can get her whole Great Taste No Pain Deluxe
System, all the bonuses and then you can choose AN

Hurry, these thousand won't last.

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to your cart.

3- On the checkout page, just type in the name of the
SINGLE Think Right Now program you want in the comments box
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Orders are shipped out right away because everything is in



P.S. So here is what you will get when you order the Great
Taste No Pain Deluxe Edition.

1. How to End Stomach Pain Forever Even If Your MD Says,
'No Way!'
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P.P.S. Just go up a few lines (above) to see How To
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If you want to call 1-315-295-1236 to place an
order, just call during the week before 4:15pm US Eastern
Time (1:15pm US Pacific Time)

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