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September 25, 2007

Betcha you didn't know this about your brain on
psychiatric drugs

Hello my friend:

Ever wonder what happens when a person starts to take an
drugs like Prozac, Ritalin or Xanax?

Well, like most psychiatric drugs, they over stimulate
particular neurotransmitter systems by either increasing
the output of a neurotransmitter or by stopping its removal
from the synapses between the nerves.  Prozac, for example
over stimulates a chemical messenger called serotonin by
stopping its removal from the synapse.  The brain initially
reacts by shutting down the release of serotonin and then
by reducing the number of receptors that can respond to the

What does that mean in plain English?

Quite simply, it's called brain damage.

That is why patients given one drug are often removed from
that drug and given another, and another and another.  The
brain is becoming damaged and becoming numb to the effects
of greater and greater doses.

So by taking drugs like that for any amount of time, you
are literally making it difficult or impossible for your
brain to function without it.

And the sick thing is, these processes were demonstrated
in the private laboratories of the manufacturer of Prozac
even before the drug was approved for marketing by the Food
and Drug Administration.

Interesting quote I ran across from Douglas C. Smith,
M.D.: "One hundred years from now, people will read current
psychiatric textbooks with the same incredulity we have
about blood-letting and snake oil"

Indeed.  A few years ago, Eli Lilly, manufacturer of
Prozac tried to get the drug approved by the FDA for weight
control.  Here's the shocker.  Many patients on Prozac gain
weight.  They actually become obese.  But that didn't stop
them from trying to get it approved for the exact opposite
effect.  In full color advertisements they have also
claimed that the drug produces restful nights.  That's a
pretty stunning claim for a drug that's known to cause
insomnia in one out of every five patients in the four to
six week studies used for FDA approval.

So, sadly, I think the moral is to never or rarely believe
the claims of a drug company.  The human brain is the
single most complicated known creation in the universe, yet
people who truly know very little... very, VERY little
about its function pour drugs into it in the hope of
"improving" it, when in reality they are harming it.

When we created accelerated success conditioning programs
Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now, Freedom from Depression Now
and most recently Conquering Social Anxiety Now,
we're improving the brain's natural abilities to represent
to you in power and positive ways to see and experience the
events in your life.  For as complex as our brains are the
pictures and emotions and thoughts are all pretty well
documented.  All we did was catalog them and create
empowering beliefs and attitude statements to counteract
"negative" ones that were created by events in people's

If life seems right now too hard to deal with in one or
more ways, try a proven, natural approach that works to
make you stronger in the face of your challenges instead of
dependent on something that in reality makes you weaker.

No brain damage and no negative long-term side effects in
any way.


Mike Brescia

PS.  Just a little inspiration for those who think they
need drugs...
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Dear Mike,

I have been using the Think Right Now CDs for about a year
now.  I have used several of them but the success story I
want to share is related to the programs on "Dissolving
Panic and Anxiety Now
" and "Freedom From Depression Now"

When I first received your "Dissolving Anxiety" program, I
attempted to get my kids and wife to use it, saying "this
could really help you."  I realized that I had issues with
anxiety so I began listening to it.  As my anxiety and
anxious thoughts began to change, I realized that I needed
to listen the to the "Freedom from Depression Now" program

I had been on antidepressants for many years.  After 3
months of listening to this program I quit taking my
antidepressant and remain depression free.  Now this may
not sound earth-shattering yet, but it's what happened next
that has made me truly grateful for your products.  Shortly
after finished the depression CD, I experienced several
life crises: My teenage daughter left home and was engaged
in many dangerous self-destructive activities, my aged
father lost his driver's license and we had to put him in a
nursing home, my mother had to come live with us due to her

In spite of al this stress on myself and my family, I have
maintained my self depression free and we were able to deal
with these challenges rather well.  Thank you for your
great products and the help they have been to me.

Bourbonnais, IL


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