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September 20, 2007

Helping a Bosnian concentration camp survivor

Hello my friend:

I just got a letter from a lady who lives in Bosnia who read my
book Today Is Your Day To Win.
- http://www.todayisyourdaytowin.com  

Nothing I could say about this letter or its contents can make
its impact any more powerful.  Read this letter (below).

English is not her first language, so some of the phrases might
seem out of place, but I did not edit any of the wording.
You'll see why.  A couple of misspellings will probably make you
smile.  Overall, it's incredibly inspiring.  I read it out loud
to a room full of people last night.  And by the end, there was
not a dry eye.

Here is her letter...


Dear Mike,

It is my true story. If you need, you can ask me about it.
Excuse me because my English is not good but I hope you
understand what I write to you.

I found your website in 2004. I went to see what the website
had to say.  I was skeptical to say the least...although I have
read books on similar information.  I went to the website and
your methods are based on to read more about it. 

When I read it I liked it. Then I decided.

Two and half years ago I subscribed to your website and you
sent me e-letter. Think right now, and after that you sent me
your book Today Is Your Day To Win.  I live in Bosnia and after
the war I was passé very difficult part of my life. My husband
and I lost a job. I was depressed. We didn't have money. It was
horrible. Brother of my husband have suffered from post-
traumatic stress, along with anxiety and depression and
obsessive compulsions disorder as a result of been in
concentration camp during the war.  Hi was desperate, fearful,
confused and filled with self looting. Before the war he was
excellent teacher of mathematics, but after severe and prolonged
torture and ritual abuse in concentration camp he did not work

We don t know what to do.

Then you sent me chapter, after chapter your book Today Is Your
Day To Win. When I saw this I have had an idea.

I was translating chapter after chapter of your book and then
he read it. I did not know English language but with dictionary
I was great.  After 35 chapters brother of my husband was in
great change.

When I translate first ten chapters I noticed a difference in
myself. I smoked like a fright train for 32 years.  Right now
April 16, 2005 I sat and smoked. It was last cigarette in my
box. I have 3 boxes else. When I finished cigarette I quit. I've
been smoke free for 2 years and 5 months, and I have no desire
whatsoever for cigarettes at all, ever. And my weight is same.

Then I continue translating your book, and he was reading,
reading and reading. Every day he read, and several times we
repeat Wining Beliefs. Then we write all Wining Beliefs together
and read it.

After 68 chapters we all saw, brother of my husband was other
person. Changes in his life were like miraculous. It is so
wonderful and we all have hope again. He actually feels proud,
pleased with himself, and absolutely supremely confident. Then,
suddenly, he was chatting with random people as if they were
already his friends, and people were coming up to him to start
conversations without he doing anything. Now he hadn't have an
anxiety attack in over two years and no panic attacks since May
2006. Now he is teaching students and have so much success.

Sincerely yours

Mira Terpin Sarajlic

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MB: Whew!  No dream I ever had, no fantasy, no thought ever
crossed my mind 20 years ago, when I was living in a van that
had an "open air" sunroof that I would ever write a book... 

Let alone a book that could inspire someone who lived through
the horrors of war and ritual torture in a concentration camp. 

And not a book that someone would feel was important enough to
translate in order to give to that person... especially since
they needed a dictionary to do this translation.

No dream I ever had. 

I was able to write that book because of the changes created in
me from reading, writing and listening to empowering statements
I wrote 1987 in order to change how I thought and what I
believed about myself and what I could do. 

I wrote and recorded those statements after being inspired by
the book, Superlearning, which chronicled the Accelerated
Learning method pioneered by Georgi Lozanov.

I was able to write that book because of the changes those
original tapes made in me, from homeless and weak to nearly

Years of learning and applying that learning to create massive
success gave me the ability.

It started with a proven method of installing new knowledge
into my mind.  A little creative question-asking gave me the
idea of what I needed to learn, which obviously was the
attitudes, thoughts and emotions of the people who were already
successful at doing what I wanted to do.

Because success always starts on the inside.

If you had a way that allowed you to literally switch minds
with someone you wanted to be like and who already knew what you
want to know--for a few days--you could see and experience how
different their moment by moment thoughts are than yours.

You can't even imagine it.

To get even a sense for what it feels like to make gigantic
changes in your mindset quickly, you'd have to read the success
stories at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp  
...These people have felt the difference.  They know what it is
like to literally "change your mind."

This is what Think Right Now International exists to do... to
help people experience a life that they absolutely never could
without a way to make possible and speed up the internal changes
so the outside success can be simple, easy and fun.

If you don't know this method and if you are not using it, you
are missing out of one of the true breakthroughs in personal
development in the last fifty years.

Check it out at http://www.thinkrightnow.com  


Mike Brescia

P.S. I could not have had the success I've enjoyed or written
Today Is Your Day To Win without having gone through my
challenges and without having altered my own beliefs, thoughts
and attitudes with the original mental repatterning programs
that turned into the sophisticated Think Right Now Accelerated
Success Conditioning Programs found at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
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