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September 19, 2007

I can I can I can

Hello my friend:

It was more than twenty years ago that I first heard Zig Ziglar
give the advice that if you were bored or if you were just
sitting watching TV or some other equally life-wasting activity,
instead of doodling on a piece of paper, write a phrase like:

* I can get straight A's
* I can make that recipe just like in the book
* I can win the Olympic gold medal
* I can write my book
* I can strike out Ichiro
* I can get down to XYZ pounds
* I can make a million dollars
* I can get her to like me
* I can do anything I can dream...

I can, over and over is one of the primary patterns required to
program your mind to learn and know how incredibly capable you

BTW, speaking of Zig Ziglar, YOU CAN get the book I co-authored
with Zig and a few other absolutely brilliant people at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/r/greatness.asp

When you feel frustrated, bored, depressed or afraid, you don't
need a pill or a drink to unwind or to work up your courage.
You only need to regularly connect with your true abilities...
you need to think of them... you need to be reminded of them
constantly, which you can do effortlessly... you need to
mentally see mental movies of yourself taking care of everything
that needs to be done.

You need to see yourself as having already done what you need
and want to do.

This needs to happen automatically.

It does for the most accomplished people.

And don't you want to continue to find ways to elevate your
status in life and in your own eyes?

You better be saying yes.

So listen to your inner chatter today... or how about for the
next hour.

Are you telling yourself you can't?  Calling yourself bad
names?  Or other people?  Feel like giving up, escaping?  Are
you telling yourself there is nothing you can do about ____?

If so, then you are most definitely not about to find great
answers or create any great success.

I can, I can, I can.

All day today.  All day tomorrow.


People who poo poo this are the ones who are growing roots in
front of the teevee or in front of their monitor or who spend
all their "free" time down at the bar or other places to forget
about life for awhile.

I can, I can, I can.

Imagine a dream, want, desire... I can, I can, I can.

And in days, or weeks or maybe months you'll begin to get it.
And if it takes months or even years, so what.  Life is a
process.  And it's wise to invest time doing what you must so
you can get to do what you want.  Tis better to arrive late than
to never make it at all.


Mike Brescia

P.S. Cut many years off this growth and success process and
learn hundreds of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and empowering
emotional patterns found only in the most accomplished people
who ever lived by getting over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
There is nothing, nothing, nothing that can install in you the
mind of a winner like what you'll find there.  Nothing.

P.P.S.  Here's a bloke down under reporting an awesome


Dear Mike, 

I believe your products are 'too good for words' ;-)

This past 4 months has been very trying to say the least.

We had prepared to go back to Japan for the education of our
two young daughters.  The week leading up to our departure we
were robbed while we were sleeping.  It was a surgical strike and
all our money, passports, credit cards and airline tickets were
taken.  I chased the burglar and managed to do some damage to his
car before he escaped but needless to say that having a stranger
ransacking your home while you are defenseless in bed is not
something I would wish upon anybody.  I have had trouble sleeping
since then.
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The following day the family car we were due to sell to give us
more traveling money blew up beyond repair.

These events were the straw that broke my marriage's back and
my wife decided to take our girls back to Japan without me.  In
the meantime I am funding their lives in Japan leaving me a
pittance to survive on myself.  Luckily I was able to house-sit
for a relative overseas...

Soon my wife notified me that we are beyond reconciliation and
wants a divorce.  This effectively means that my visa will be
revoked from Japan and I will only be able to see my girls when
I am financially able to fly over to see them.

As the gravity of these events began mounting I found myself
losing confidence in myself and my motivation to do anything
productive began to rapidly wane.

At the time my wife and girls left I started cycling through
Supreme Confidence, Unstoppable Motivation and Infinite Joy
before I got out of bed each morning - playing a different one each
morning.  I then listened to these all day, every day through
headphones as I worked at my computer.  I initially used these
CDs to block out the negative thoughts that were constantly
popping into my mind and I now 100% believe that they have kept
me from going 'off the edge.'

Since listening to the CDs I have caught myself being
remarkably assertive in situations where I normally haven't been
in the past.  My friends and family cannot fully comprehend why I
am so upbeat, positive and fun-loving despite the barrage of
challenges I have faced and are still facing.  As a former obese
and suicidal child, I have found that rather than heading down
the path of least resistance and turn to food for comfort and
security (or worse) I am now physically training each day and
look better than I have in years. Most people now pick me for
about 6 years younger than I actually am.

Mike, you have definitely 'done well' my friend by making this
technology available to people in need.  Your products have
helped me immensely in building real self-confidence and
motivation that has remained strong and true under fire.

Many thanks,

H. Stevenson
New Zealand


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