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August 30, 2007

Make instant gratification work for your success

Hello my friend:

So many people email and call in to our offices wanting to know
why do I do the damn things I do, why can't I do what's good for
me, why don't I have self-discipline, why do I keep letting the
wrong people into my life, why can't I say no to more food...
why, why, why, why?

Well, one of the things, and I keep saying this... and I'll say
it forever and ever as many times as I have to, is these 11
mental patterns of failure are at the core of every poor
decision and action.  Every one.  They threaten to influence
every decision and action you make every hour of the day. 


Because instant gratification is the desire to satisfy to
gratify a current need, want or desire in spite of the negative
long-term consequences and in spite of the positive long-term
consequences if you made the opposite decision.

Perfect example of this is not changing the tires on your car
when you should.  Why don't you?  Because you could probably get
another year on those tires, and they wouldn't pop or go flat!
I'll do it tomorrow.  I'll do it tomorrow.  I'll do it tomorrow.
And tomorrow never comes.

Well, one day the tire explodes and you run over a little girl
walking beside the road, and this little girl will never grow
up, she'll never cross the paths of thousands of people, she'll
never have any friends that she will positively influence,
she'll never get married, she'll never have a child who might be
the next great leader of the country or the world or even just
the 4-H club.  Regardless, the truth is every decision you make
changes the history of the world in some slight or great way,
not just your world.

Everything you do has a consequence... positive or negative,
big or small.

And when you make decisions based on your instantly needing to
satisfy some base need want or desire that is in opposition to a
long term benefit or goal there are going to be negative
consequences to you and to others. 

You must be able to control that and have the awareness and the
self-discipline and willpower and to say, "Well, I can do this
or I could do that... This choice might feel good right now, but
that choice will have much greater long term benefits and
consequences, and because of that I can feel thrilled right now
about choice number two."

There is no question, to make the most of your life, you need
to be able to make these decisions rapidly and happily without

And you need to do it so that you don't feel like you're
missing out on anything, because your mind is firmly focused on
why you are doing what you're doing.

You see, every decision you make could move you in the
direction of getting to the top of any field that you want, can
get you into any social circle you want, could move you toward
spectacular good health, and get you hooked up or even married
to any person you want, could get you any material things, could
bring you the money you want.
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In every area of life you could do, be or have anything you
want as long as you have the ability to control your emotions,
your decisions and get yourself to do what you need to do when
you need to do it.

Every single Think Right Now Program
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
does that.  They work on your core mental patterns. 

Every single statement on every single one of them is working
on an important issue.  There is no fluff anywhere.  There is
not a wasted second.  They are designed to change the way you
think, the way you feel and the way you behave.  I've been
researching this for 20 years.  Take advantage of our research.
Take advantage of the knowledge we've accumulated. 

Put them to the test.  I dare you.  There is no risk.

If you don't use them the way you should, you get your money
back.  But if you do use them properly, you have a whole new
destiny before you.  Other people's destiny will change because
of the new patterns you gain.

Isn't that what you really want... to make a difference, to
have mattered, to have a great rewarding life while at the same
time leaving a positive legacy forever?

Living a life like that can give you instant gratification
every hour of every day.  Trust me.

Think Right Now Accelerated Success Conditioning Programs can



Mike Brescia

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