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August 23, 2007

Social anxiety - public speaking fear confusion

Hello my friend:

There seems to be some confusion about the difference between
the fear of public speaking versus having social anxiety.  So
let me take a minute to clarify some of the differences...

With social anxiety, it can become almost impossible to feel
comfortable around people even just one person.  This fear can
keep you homebound or unable to enjoy yourself away from a very
tightly controlled environment.  And even though our program
Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now has helped a lot of people
with social anxiety, the new program Conquering Social Anxiety
Now is designed solely for people with deep fear of social
interaction with others... again, even with just one person.

The fear of public speaking, on the other hand, is not quite as
severe... meaning that you could function fine around people you
were comfortable with or around people that you knew well, as
long as you aren't the center of attention.  But when it comes
to having to speak up, this is when it grabs you, literally.

So people who have this public speaking fear try like heck to
blend in, to not be called on, to keep their opinions to

Both social anxiety and the fear of speaking to any size group
of people larger than one, can have the same symptoms.

Here are some of the most common debilitating symptoms that we
came up with in our research:

* Throwing up
* Shaking
* Fainting
* Sweaty/clammy palms
* Pale, flushed
* Heart palpitations
* Stuttering
* Mispronouncing words
* Fidgeting
* Continually clearing throat
* Dropping notes, tripping (and the fear of it)
* Gas, belching (brought on by stress)
* Hiccups, dry mouth
* Inability to keep mind on topic/no focus/lose train of
thought-in mid sentence
* Rambling, talking fast/slow, not making your points
* Fight with audience, argue, not able to answer
* Imagining it going poorly
* Fear you'll have to do it again
* Productivity will go down because of pre-occupation (closer
it gets, the less you'll be able to accomplish)
* Avoid doing it (excuse), "hope building burns down", forget
stuff (preparation), become a liar, find others to do it for
you/guilt them into it
* Quit your job

I think everyone to some degree at one time or another has
experienced these symptoms when faced with a social situation or
one where you had to get up and talk in front of a group of

Whether you have fear of public speaking or a more serious
social anxiety/phobia, you are living a lie... a lie that says
you aren't good enough, a lie that says there is so much to fear
in everyday life.

If you have this kind of fear, it's so easy to just grab a
prescription and deaden your senses with drugs.  And it's so
avoidable and pathetic, really.  Because life is such a gift,
and to be continually afraid is a tragedy and a waste.

Years from now, I know you want to look back on your life and
feel that you lived it, having done what you wanted to do,
having fulfilled some big dreams, having done great things...
having made a difference.
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And you can't do any of that when you can't open your mouth in
front of other people.

A question came in yesterday from a subscriber wanting to know
why it mattered that she had a fear of talking in front of
people.  Here are some things we found in people who routinely
messed up when asked to speak (or who didn't when they had the

* Lose promotions/ jobs/ raises
* You will not forgive yourself/ never forget your bumble
* You imagine others are angry/insulted/ embarrassed (for them
and you)
* You will repeat the same errors
* Poor sleep, health, sickness (throw up), real illness,
* Anxiety disorders, depression
* Teased-tormented
* Reputation as a boob
* Fail classes/school
* Career/ life going in a completely different direction
* Miss out on dates/ invites / friendships
* Never get asked to talk again
* Lose the respect of "those" people-for refusing or for
failing-one time is enough to blow a "once in a lifetime"
* Your self-esteem/confidence will stay low/get worse

These are just a few.  There are hundreds more negative


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Mike Brescia

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