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August 22, 2007

Friday prices go up 20% - Conquering Social Anxiety Now is
here and discounted

Hello my friend:

It's been so crazy around here for the last few months, it's
hard to keep it all straight...

Since I've basically committed to producing 30-40 new
Accelerated Success Conditioning products per year for the next
5+ years, everything about what we do has changed dramatically. 

Initially, this has created some work bottlenecks... one of the
visible ones is that our newest program Conquering Social
Anxiety Now IS in our Pennsylvania warehouse ready to ship, BUT
there is no web page to describe it.  And the description page
might not be done for a couple weeks.


Save On Shipping PLUS Get A Totally Free Program

Since the prices are going up on Fearless Public Speaking Now
on Friday, we figured it would be a nice thing to do for everyone
who wanted to get both at the same time, was to release Conquering
Social Anxiety Now
before the sale was over on Fearless
Public Speaking...

This will help everyone to avoid a second shipping charge PLUS
get a complementary single audio, since those two titles are
double programs and together count as 4 paid programs toward our
Buy 3, Get 1 Free special.

So to get Fearless Public Speaking Now and save $10.00, go here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/public-speaking.asp

To get Conquering Social Anxiety Now and save another $10.00,
to here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/social-anxiety.asp

Both programs use the Accelerated Learning Suggestopedic
format... they are not information-based lecture-type programs.
They are designed to create the automatic thought processes
found in people who are gifted public speakers and who are
naturally comfortable in any social situation.

Since Fearless Public Speaking Now has been available for a
number of months, we have a LOT of success stories for it.

Here are a few more:


Dear Mike and the entire Think Right Now crew,
Thank You so much for your programs, I have gone through the
three I got a few months ago, and I look forward to getting all
of them over the next year.
Let me tell you about the difference from just the "Fearless
Public Speaking".  I have always wanted to be able to speak
comfortably in front of a small, or maybe even larger group of
people.  But, I have always gotten so nervous I would feel sick
to my stomach!  Well, after repeatedly listening to your
"Fearless Public Speaking" program, I first have been able to
think about, and picture myself in front of at least a small
group!  Last week I got called on to speak at a business lunch,
and I did it!  I spoke quite comfortably in front of the room of
about 25 people!  For me that was a huge breakthrough. I don't
believe I would have been able to that without your program. 

Thank You so much, I will recommend your programs to all my
friends and family.
Cindy, Redondo Beach, CA
Mike Brescia wants to give you a DAILY tip to inspire you to maximum success in every area of your life! Mike's tips are required reading. And they're free. Sign up now.



All throughout school, I was the shy girl, the wallflower.  I
was tall and lanky and afraid of attention.  I did everything
possible to avoid attention.  Oral reports in school were
torture.  I was sure that everyone would laugh at me.  That made
me so nervous that I messed up class reports that I read from
cards.  And it made a self-fulfilling prophesy;  They usually did

I'm well out of high school now.  I have found a sport that I
love, Triathlon.  And I have been coming into my own on
confidence and caring less of what others think of me.  A couple
years ago, I started volunteering in my community.  Luckily, I
started listening to your programs at the same time.  I was
elected President of the local board, which meant that I had to
be in charge of all of the meetings.  I listened to "Fearless
Public Speaking Now!"  One of the board members was the President
of my swim club, the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears.  After seeing my
speaking, he asked me to be the Mistress of Ceremonies at the
New Year's Day Swim.  I nervously accepted and put on the CD.

Since that time, I went back to Graduate school to get my
Master's Degree.  Each 8-week class culminates in a Power Point
Presentation.  Somehow, I'm able to present the information and
have confidence doing it.  Somehow?  I don't think so...I think it
was listening to "Fearless Public Speaking Now!" every night all
night long with the CD on repeat.

Thanks for the support.

Kim White, CA


Hi Mike,
The only crowd I could talk to without feeling nervous was my
kids!  We had a small function at work for colleagues who are
leaving and for those who have recently married.  One of the
newlyweds decided to go and hide in his office as he was scared
of the crowd!  (I had to tell him about your programs
afterwards!).  I received the gift on his behalf without even
thinking twice and gave a small speech for that matter
unrehearsed and no heart skipping a beat!!!

Thanks a million Mike
Shirley, Botswana Maun


M.B.: I'll share more Fearless Public Speaking Now successes
over the next 24 hours.

It is so wonderful... so miraculous how people who would never
open their mouths around any sized group of people before are
now experiencing comfort.

The power of the mind!

So... if you want to save big until Friday on Fearless Public
Speaking Now
, get over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/public-speaking.asp


Mike Brescia

P.S. Remember the Buy 3, Get 1 special.

This means that if you get both Fearless Public Speaking and
Conquering Social Anxiety, you not only save $10.00 on each
program, but you also get any single CD or cassette title
absolutely free.  Go for it!
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp   

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When we get your story, we'll send your choice of program
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To be clear about this, 'I love your programs, they've helped
me a lot.' doesn't count.

Include this info...
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used it/them, how long you used it/them, what clear, specific
changes/benefits you received.  Please be descriptive of the
benefits.  If you send a picture, just attach it to your email.

Send your story to support(at)thinkrightnow.com  and tell us your
choice of audio.  We'll then take care of shipping it to you.

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