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August 19, 2007

The one thing that matters most

Hello my friend:

Over the course of many years now, I've enjoyed reading the
life stories of successful people in all disciplines of life.
Doesn't matter where... books, magazines, online, personal
contact, you name it, if there is a story somewhere about
someone who's made it... who has risen up, I'm listening,
reading, and in cases where they are still breathing, calling
them up and becoming close friends and sometimes business

Those few minutes here and there have added up and have paid me
huge dividends.

The thing that stands out as I learn about the lives of the
most successful people in every area of life is their self-
image... their self-esteems are that of winners, that of people
who deserve the best, who feel they are worthy of the greatest
rewards that life has to give...

But not only feeling worthy to receive, but willing and eager
to give the best they have within them, and willing and eager to
give of themselves through the entirety of their lives...

Because just like an "old dog" can't just retire and become
anything different that what it is, an old successful person
doesn't just pack it in when he or she gets too old to do some
of the things they used to do when they were young.

The most successful, the happiest, those most driven by more
than just creature comforts and by money are THE most successful
BECAUSE they have the self image of a success... it is simply
who they are.
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And the best news yet...

Most of them did not arrive in this world with the greatest
natural gifts... they were not born to wealthy parents who lived
in the posh-est of neighborhoods.

They came, usually, from squalor or, at best, the "middle
class" who have to work for everything they get, who never had
anything handed to them.

So if I can impart anything to you that will give you hope and
add fuel to your dreams it's that you should never believe that
you don't deserve even the greatest of successes that life can

There is always a way...


If you eyes, your mind and heart are open to the opportunities
all around you.

And if you are willing and eager to give what life demands.

That is important.

Because life will pay you (in many different ways) whatever you
believe, deep down, you are worth.

Read the biographies of famous people and you will see what I
see.  Talk to successful, magnetic, dynamic people.  You will
see that success shuns those who don't have the self image of a
success.  But it is attracted like a giant magnet to those who


Mike Brescia

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even the lowest rungs on the ladder of life, boosting their self-
images, and thus making themselves magnetic, attracting the
right people, the right situations... abundance in every area of
their lives, get over to
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