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July 18, 2007

Turn pain into pleasure

Hello my friend:

When creating the program "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"
we were faced with the daunting task... our purpose was to help
turn people into dynamos who absolutely would not quit in their
quests to achieve their biggest goals... their wildest dreams,
no matter what got in their way.

This means that not only would you need to become a person who
is aware of the benefits of reaching for and achieving any goal
you have, but it has to almost constantly be in your mind.  The
bigger the goal/dream, the more conscious you need to be of
anything that affects it.  This increases determination.

But what this program really had to do was create the beliefs
and attitude "system" that would give people the power to ignore
pain... it needed to give the user the automatic "non-thinking"
ability to just push past any discomfort, irritation, worries,
feelings of loneliness...

And in many cases, where discipline needs to be complete and
the sacrifice might be very high, Unstoppable Motivation Now
even has to help people associate the pain of the sacrifice and
the discomfort to the pleasure of succeeding so that it doesn't
stop you or even slow you down.

In short, our purpose was to create, as the title says,
unstoppable motivation no matter what is standing in your way.

When I personally think of an unstoppable force, the vision of
Arnold Schwarzenegger in the final scene of the movie,
"Terminator," comes to mind.  The robot (Arnold) was programmed
to do one thing... to terminate Sarah Connor.  And nothing short
of being terminated its self would stop it from completing its
mission.  So it just kept coming and coming.

An example of unstoppable motivation in the real world that
many people have seen is in championship boxing matches...

At the end of a typical 12 round championship match where both
boxers beat each other bloody, after the scores are announced
the winner, sweaty, puffy, cut and bleeding, is nothing but
smiles, happy and feeling awesome... even though he can barely
see and even though he can't lift his arms, even though his
hands might be useless the next day from all the pounding. 

When interviewed after the decision, we've all heard them say
things like, "He was good, but I was able to weather the storm
and ignore the pain even though I couldn't see out of my left
eye from the sixth round on... I praise God for giving me the
strength.  This is the happiest moment of my life!"

Or something like that.

I know that's kind of violent example, but I use it because
rarely in most people's daily lives do they have to face such
challenges where the pain and suffering is so real and intense.

But in the most cases, if you can ignore the sacrifices and
even associate the pain and sacrifices you must make to reaching
your goals with pleasure, my friend, you will be able to achieve
some outrageous, massive, gigantic goals and dreams.  It won't
even be a question.

Because the people who can ignore the obstacles and the
problems and yes, the pain that comes with having big dreams are
the ones who reach the finish line standing with their arms
raised in victory.  They are the ones who don't have to make
excuses for their failures... because they don't fail very often.

Here's what Joe Jaegers said about "Unstoppable Motivation Now!"

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financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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I have been listening to the "Unstoppable Motivation Now"
program for the past 20 days.  I didn't think anything was happening.
Then the light went on.  I was just getting home and my usual
routine was to grab something to eat and watch television.
Before I knew it, I was skipping the snack and going right up to
my office to generate some business on my pc.  It was just so
natural that I didn't think anything of it.  That was really me
now, a motivated individual doing what was most beneficial for

I just had another experience where I was checking my blood
sugar (I'm diabetic).  My Doctor advised me to wait until my
sugar went under 100 to eat again.  I never followed that advice
before, but today I took my sugar and it was high, so I put my
lunch away and waited for the numbers to come down, because that
is the way I am now.  It just seems so natural.

Thank you!
Joe Jaegers


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Mike Brescia

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