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June 29, 2007

Discount ends at midnight US eastern time- and a case study

Hello my friend:

This will be the final notice of the 10% discount.  It ends at
midnight tonight (Friday).  That's US Eastern Time.

How it works is you begin a free trial on as many programs as
you want from
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  

Now, remember you WILL NOT be charged for your programs today.
In fact, you WILL NOT be charged for 14 days. 

But at around the same time, we will send you a rebate check in
the mail for 10% of your order total (If you ordered by midnight
tonight US Eastern Time). 

This is a live check that you can deposit in your bank account.
You don't have to do anything to get this check.  No fo rms to
fill out.  Nothing to mail.  Nothing at all.

So you should be receiving your rebate check about three weeks
or so after you place your trial order at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  before 12:00 midnight US Eastern


Now for a success story sent in by Theresa Jurisch


After being in direct sales for seven years, climbing the
ladder, falling off the ladder, and losing all of my sales self-
confidence, I decided to switch lines of products completely.  I
joined a new company offering completely different products.  The
only problem was the same old attitudes that were programmed in
the end - a bad sales attitude, a bad attitude towards the
customer, and a bad booking attitude. 

Even though I was enjoying the switch to products that fit my
life so much better, I felt like something was holding me back.
It was like something was still looming over me from my previous
experiences.   I found the Think Right Now programs and purchased
the "Accelerated Sales Success Now".

Within a few weeks I found comfort and confidence.  I can take
pride and joy in sales success, in dealing with customers - good
and bad, knowing that I CAN DO IT.  I can deal with whatever
comes my way, prosper as I did before and not fall off that
ladder again!  I pop in the programs before every presentation I

I also purchased the Real Self-Esteem  (9-13 yrs) program
and was amazed at the dramatic difference in my son. 

We could always tell which nights he listened to the tapes at
bed time and which nights he didn't!  The program has had a
dramatic effect on his personality.

He who usually lacked self-confidence is now confident.
He who was argumentative is now agreeable and understanding.
He who was easily frustrated and agitated now works out his
frustration in a manageable way. 

I'm very happy to have him change in such a wonderful way
during a difficult age.  I know this has changed his life for
the better. From now on, he has the proper perspective to deal
with life's daily challenges.  I am excited to have found such
gems in your programs!

Theresa Jurisch


M.B.:  Aaaaah, that was a nice little boost!

We, too, play that program for our son every night while he
sleeps.  And, honestly, I couldn't ask for a nicer, more polite
yet still very accomplishment oriented kid.  Everyone who meets
him loves his confidence and outgoing attitude.

Well, enough for today.

Remember, the clock is ticking down to midnight (US Eastern
Time) on the discount.


Mike Brescia


P.P.S.  And remember, the 10% off sale is IN ADDITION to our
current special, which is for every 3 Think Right Now programs
you get AT THE SAME TIME, you get 1 absolutely fre e... as in no
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
And remember, too, double programs count as 2 toward your 3.


Get a complimentary program!
In order to pass on 'best practices' to other subscribers/
customers, we will reward those who help us!  Send a detailed
success story/case study about any Think Right Now! or Instant
Inner Power programs, and you can choose any TRN! or IIP audio
of your choice.  You only pick up the normal shipping & handling.
When we get your story, we'll send your choice of program
immediately. Brilliant!

To be clear about this, 'I love your programs, they've helped
me a lot.' doesn't count.

Include this info...
Your name, shipping address, program title(s) used, how/when you
used it/them, how long you used it/them, what clear, specific
changes/benefits you received.  Please be descriptive of the
benefits.  If you send a picture, just attach it to your email.

Send your story to support(at)thinkrightnow.com  and tell us your
choice of audio. We'll then take care of shipping it to you.


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