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June 28, 2007

Burn rotten beliefs and attitudes

Hello my friend:

Well in recent days, I've been cruising in overdrive, putting
quite a few extra hours in and getting ready to go back into the
studio to record our upcoming think right now program to help
anyone reduce and eliminate social anxiety.

This program promises to be very special.  If you have social
anxiety you are going to want to get it.  It will be ready for
release in early August.

Yesterday after many hours in deep concentration creating this
new program, and then after a trip to the dojo to watch my son
earn another promotion on his way to a black belt in Okinawan
Goju Ryu, I took a much needed two hour snooze.

When I came to, I turned on the tube and spent a few minutes
waking up to a few scenes of the futuristic movie, 'Minority

As I watched and listened, a line from Max von Sydow's
character hit me like a sledgehammer.  He said, "My father once
told me, 'You don't choose the things you believe in, they
choose you.'"

Well, in so many ways that's true.

Circumstances do create many of our beliefs...

One boy growing up in crushing poverty, where the cockroaches
and rats are huge and having few opportunities growing up is
going to have a whole different set of beliefs than a boy born
to rich parents living within view of the ocean where the waves
are rad.

And so all the goals in life will be different.

All the actions will be different and the outcomes will be very

If you were incredibly lucky and grew up in a positive, loving
environment that encouraged growth, achievement, honesty,
forgiveness, optimism and the like, your self-worth, your
motivation, your confidence and your mental pictures of the
future are much different than anyone else.

Face it, unless you were lucky enough to have the very best
teachers, mentors and trainers at every stage of your life
(successful people in their own right), you can't possibly reach
your fullest potential emotionally, spiritually or in the
physical world.

That is why you must learn to take control and choose beliefs
which support you in reaching all your goals and your dreams.

You must choose the most empowering attitudes.

Your actions must be guided by powerful success oriented
thoughts that you choose, not ones that were handed to you from
the wrong people and haphazard circumstances.

What my research staff and I do is study, catalog and record
the most empowering thoughts, beliefs and attitudes so you can
feel how you want to feel and do what you want to do in the one
life you have.

We use this research to create Think Right Now Thought and
Behavior Modification Programs.

To learn how to use them, go here to download the owner's manual.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/manual/index.asp

To learn how they do what they do and to take a 14 day free
trial on as many programs as you want, go here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  

Mike Brescia


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