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June 27, 2007

A little fear is like a little cancer

Hello my friend:

We work with a lot of people that have intense fears that stop
them... with anxiety over everday stuff... that stops them...
and people who have panic attacks that completely shuts them

The thing with fear is, it doesn't have to be super intense to
break your potential up in little pieces & grind it into dust...

Unnecessary fear, even in little doses, has a cumulative effect
on a life. 

A little here... a little there...

And just like a little cancer... you have major crisis... an
inability to act in situations where it's absolutely necessary
that you are all there, 100% in the moment, able to think
clearly, rationally and intelligently.


This letter about reducing fear just came in from a lovely lady
in the UK.

You are going to like her a lot.


Hi Mike - Greetings from the UK!

I purchased a number of your CDs recently at
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  and I am beginning to see some
results - I'm certainly becoming better organized!

However, the reason I am writing to you is that among my CDs
was 'Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now' which I hadn't been listening
to since I am focusing on only two other CDs for the time being. 
It so happened though that I needed to have an MRI scan for
my spine last week and as the date approached I became more
and more anxious.  The reason for this was that, although I am
usually very brave in the face of operations and tests, the last
time I had an MRI scan I became claustrophobic and really panicked.
For one normally so calm, this was very embarrassing and I didn't
want to go through that again.

I was advised to ask my doctor for some sedatives to take
before I went for my scan, but never having had them before he
was reluctant to subscribe them.  He pointed out that they might
work on the conscious part of my brain but my claustrophobia did
not stem from there. 

So I decided to try out your CD.  I only had a couple of days
to do so by this time, so I listened as often as I could.  I
even listened to it in the car going to the hospital - my
husband was driving.

When I sat in the waiting room I was aware that I felt very
calm and not at all anxious.  I read the newspaper and chatted
to my husband with no thought of the scan.  As I was directed to
the room which housed the scanner, I confess that I my stomach
did go over a bit as I thought "I hope the CD works", but that
was all. 

I lay down on the scanner bed and was strapped onto it.  I put
the earplugs into my ears and the nurse advised me when to shut
my eyes. 

As I gently moved into the tube, the nurse patted my legs
reassuringly.  Once in position deep in the scanner tube and
still with my eyes shut, the voice of the MRI operator informed
me of the scans she was about to do.  The loud bangs and
clunking of the machine started - but all I could hear in my
head was the music from the CD (I stress that I wasn't actually
listening to it - not allowed).  I started to take deep breaths
and relax. 

Now I couldn't recall all the messages clearly, but that didn't
matter.  With my eyes shut, I relaxed more and more, imagining I
was on a beach with the warm sea gently lapping in front of me. 

Scan after scan took place over a period of around 30 minutes
but not once did I want to open my eyes and not once did I feel
tense.  Unlike the last time, I was not conscious of sensations
which made me want to move - the cool breeze inside the scanner
tends to make the tip of your nose itch!

As the last scan came to an end and they began to move me out
of the MRI tube, I opened my eyes just glimpsing the inside of
the tube above my head.

 As I did, I felt a momentary feeling of anxiety but by then I
was out and it was all over.

Thank you for these CDs.  If they can have such a brilliant
affect on me in such a short time, I can't wait to see what my
'Financial Abundance Now!' CD will have (I'm listening to that one a lot!) on me and my new business.

Best wishes to you and your team.  I am recommending your site
to everyone I know.

Susan Prime


M.B:  You see, fear is nothing more than a habitual thought
process that can be reduced and eliminated.  Now, there are
certainly some things that are inherently scary, but most things
in your every day life are not and need not be feared.

When you can look at situations that you are now afraid of and,
in the future, go right ahead and dive in without fear, without
anxiety, without concern of any kind, you will be able to grow.

Keep the fear and growth cannot and will not happen.

Choose growth.  Choose success.  Choose a life without limits.

Every single statement in each Think Right Now Thought &
Behavior Modification Program has the cumulative effect of
reducing fear a little bit more.

Over time (and as in Susan's case, it doesn't have to be a lot
of time), when you use them as prescribed, any fears and
unnecessary concerns that may be built up in your mind will be
reduced and eliminated.

So if you want the fear and anxiety that slows and stops you to
be gone, 86'd, tossed... dissolved away, Dissolving Panic &
Anxiety Now
is a great place to start.

Mike Brescia


P.S.  If you want to know all the most effective ways people
all over the world are using Think Right Now programs to change
their minds, get the Owner's Manual here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/transformation_kit/index.asp

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