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June 25, 2007

Why I didn't throw the PC out the window

Hello my friend:

Over the last couple days, in between graduation festivities,
some travel and some great dinners, I've been working on a large
project involving a computer application that has had its
problems working with the big files it manipulates.

It has provided some degree of frustration, to say the least.

I think everyone knows what it is like to be involved in
something for 10 minutes, two hours, two days or even weeks and
months to find out at the end... at the moment of truth...that
it doesn't work... or that you are missing a critical piece or

No matter what you do...no matter what anyone does... in those
situations it seems as if it was doomed from the start... so
says 20-20 hind sight...

It is these kinds of experiences in the average person's life
that causes them to become jaded, angry, P.O.'d at life...
sarcastic, jealous, unwilling to go after the big prizes and the
truly exciting challenges...

These situations where "problems" pop up will never go away,...
they won't... they are part of life...right?

I mean that isn't a judgment, it's just the way it is... not
everything is going to go the way you want it to at every

Is that negative?  Of course not... it's just reality...

So, since we all are moving from where we are now to wherever
we are going, it is up to us as individuals, to control how we
respond to unforeseen, or at least unwanted events and


I mean, does getting all ticked off, yelling and screaming when
things don't go right help us?  Sometimes, sure, we "get our
way" or the perpetrator to the "crime" gets the message loud and
clear that they aren't supposed to do a thing a certain way any
more, but in the long run, you will do yourself a big favor by
acting how the most accomplished happiest and healthiest people
do it...

How is that?

They keep their eyes on where they are going and where they
want to get to... pick themselves up, dust themselves off, learn
whatever there is to learn and keep going... without getting
upset, without getting loud... without lighting up... without
taking a drink...

No matter what happens to you in life, it's always important to
keep in mind, you are bigger than the problem.

No problem is bigger than your ability to find a solution...

You can still succeed...

You can still overcome it... 99% of the time...

...As long as you employ Mental Success Pattern #4, The Constant
Mental Connection To Benefits Of Reaching Your Goal, and Mental
Releasing Pattern #9, Keeping The "Size" of Your Problems and
Challenges Small.

When you have a constant connection to your purpose, to your
goal and to the benefits you will get from reaching your
outcome, you will experience problems as just speed bumps...
they won't upset you... you will not be delayed due to your
reactions... you will stay happy and optimistic.

And isn't that more fun than steaming and getting into fights,
throwing things and creating even bigger messes than you had

Yeah, I think so, too.

As you listen to, read and write the statements from the any
Think Right Now program, you will find yourself, more and more,
becoming a person who lets the setbacks you meet on the way to
your dreams just roll right off your back.

Read about how they almost effortlessly help you accomplish
this here:

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Mike Brescia

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