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June 14, 2007

Pick up phone - call someone - get meeting - close deal

Hello my friend:

Here's a case study for salespeople or those who want to be.

If you are not in sales and don't want to be, you can ignore
this one.

But it is still important for anyone to understand, that using
a thought modification technology like the accelerated method
Think Right Now programs employ, you can change the way you feel
about practically anything in a hurry.

And once you change your viewpoints, your core assumptions and
your attitudes, your emotional patterns will change... allowing
your actions to change almost without effort. 

And when you can get yourself to DO what you should do, you
will GET anything what you want in your life.

Miracles will seem to happen.

So without further ado, here is David Littlemore from the
United Kingdom.


Dear Mike,

I play your programs through the day when not making sales
calls, instead of having the radio or music on in the
background.  I used the programme 2-3 days per week each week
for 2 months, each for about four hours.  I've played them in the
car on journeys and that seemed to be okay, and a great place to
feel fine letting my mouth speak them slightly as I know them

As I've been playing them during the day, I'm now so much more
comfortable calling prospects and clients.  Before the programme
I'd procrastinate even though I knew it was essential to make
the calls.  For the six weeks I've been making more and more
sales calls - from maybe five a week to over 40.  For a seasoned
sales person this is nothing, for someone starting his or her
own business it's dramatic.  This week for the first time I was
making lots of calls in the morning - I'm overjoyed.  Yesterday
I called up a contact I'd met a month ago that said they'd think
about things.  By tomorrow lunch I have two proposals to write
for them, not one, but two!

The two most intriguing outcomes that I can only put down to
the "Accelerated Sales Success Now" program because I
know they've not even arisen as a thought elsewhere are first
that I WANT to make calls - I was doing some background work for
an article last week - something that needed to happen.  Yet
there in my mind somewhere was a little voice saying:  "Pick up
the phone, call someone, close a deal, get a meeting... I want to
pick up the phone", on a continuous loop".  After half an hour
of discipline on the task at hand I stopped.  Re-focused, made
the first of four brief calls and the release I felt was
enormous.  Two calls led to follow-ups with prospects, both
still in the fray though not yet at a proposal stage.  The
critical thing is I wanted to make the calls and did. 

The second thing that can only have come from the programme is
that I am so much calmer during calls, so much more willing to
ask them about follow-ups, timeframes, or anything really.  Today
I asked someone about budgets and they gave me some very clear
guidelines.  This is so much more ironic because my services are
in in-depth interviews, yet I had a blind spot [or two!] when it
came to applying myself in sales.  Now I know that things are on
the up.  I'm on holiday next week taking a break in the country.
And I know I'll be taking a dozen telephone numbers because I'm
enjoying the calls and I want to make more! 

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Some people who read this might say: "on holiday, get real!"
The truth is now that I am enjoying it, and if I'm enjoying it -
as many people say - it's no longer work - it's play!"

Thanks Mike,
All the best,
David Littlemore, UK


M.B:  There you go.  When doing a particular task is fun, you
will do it alot.  When something is not fun, you will not.

When prospecting is fun, you do it.

This is true of every area of life.

The old saying is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,"
meaning that I might think something is beautiful even though
ten others might think it's ugly.

You might think that carrots and broccoli are terrible.

I see them as life enhancing, energy boosters.

One belief creates low energy, sickness and disease.  The other
creates health and longevity.

See?  Change how you think and your life improves!

Use Think Right Now and you can change how you think more
easily than through any other method I know, and I've researched
all of it.



Mike Brescia

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