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June 13, 2007

Is Michigan going bankrupt?

Hello my friend:

An amazing email just came in the other day from a guy in
the great state of Michigan.

He says that he's 59 years old and has gotten out of the sales
field because he hates it with a passion... Can't stand it... He
says that he took a job paying $9.00/hr and he loves the job...
no doubt because it's easy.

But now he has a big problem, he says that if he keeps working
for $9/hr, he'll have to sell his house and just about everything
else he owns because he can't afford them.

What he wanted to know was if our behavior modification program,
Accelerated Sales Success Now could help him get a better attitude
about selling, could it help him to enjoy selling... for the first time
in his entire 30 year career.

Well, after 30 years, this guy is a hard-core case... no doubt
he's never studied, never gone to continuing education seminars
or trainings... if he did, he never learned anything.  If he
invested himself (not just his money) be competent and would get
some joy from helping people solve the problems that his
products solve... and EVERY  PRODUCT, if it's ANY good at all,
solves some kind of problem for the people who use it, unless
we're talking about the cheap junk found in dollar stores.

At the end of his letter, he ends all uncertainty about what
his mindset is... he said that the economy is so bad in
Michigan, the state ought to just shut down and close its doors...

Right there he just said that he's convinced that no one has
any money in Michigan, that his products are irrelevant to
anyone's life, that he doesn't care about solving anyone's

And so the answer to his question about is absolutely yes...
Accelerated Sales Success Now can help him...

It can help him enjoy his sales work... Heck, it if he uses it
like he should, which in his case would be all the time... as in
constantly, he could end up falling in love with what he does...
and if he takes it to the extreme, like I have, he could become
a force...

You see, when you believe in something strongly enough, you
will not stop no matter what... when you  are sold on your
mission and on what you are doing, no one can tell you no...

you won't listen...

When your prospects have doubt, your conviction will win them

When I  was in the hearing industry, many people I treated had
very little money, but 95% of them joined the world of the
hearing again because they really just wanted to know if the
quality of their lives would improve if they could hear better
again... it's true... most people who can't hear well at all
literally forget how important it is to be able to communicate
with other people normally.  They need to learn what it will
mean to them, believe it or not.

And since I don't know a single deaf or "tone" deaf person who
wouldn't pay a king's ransom to hear well again, my answer was
always that it will be like a whole new life.  And I routinely
get thanks that I saved relationships...that I gave people their
lives back again...

All because I believed that what I did for them would matter...

And because doubt or rejection never wounded me.

It's belief in what you do that keeps you pushing on through a
sea of rejections and through doors getting slammed in your face
and through the phone hang-ups.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

Belief in yourself... and in your solutions is everything.

Just because you have disliked something related to what you do
doesn't mean that you will always feel that way...

If you are in sales and hate it, ask yourself if everyone you
know who works for your company or who works in your industry
hates it... EVERYONE.

If the answer is no... that not everyone hates it, then YOU
have a chance... if you just learn the beliefs and attitudes
that make them feel that way, then you can enjoy what you do,
you can excel and you can begin building -- or rebuilding --
your career and your life.

To assist this man's belief system from weak to uber-powerful,
I would add the programs Financial Abundance Now and End Procrastination Now!

Read about these programs using the links above and ask
yourself these questions:

- Will I get where I want to go by doing the things I'm doing

- Do I need to change my actions to get there?

- How will I do that? 

- Can I keep going until I succeed and enjoy the whole process? 

- Knowing me as I do, am I likely to quit?

If your answers were all or mostly: no, yes, I don't know, no
and yes, you need the tools that have been proven to flip the
switch from failure, fear and doubt to success, invincibility
and confidence.

You can learn about them and get them at the links above...

All the best in your growth!


Mike Brescia

P.S.  So the answer is no, Michigan is not going bankrupt and
there are plenty of people there who are drinking deeply from
the gold chalice during the richest, most abundant time in human
history... but if you believe differently, if you can't see it,
your actions will never get you there and you can't drink.
Learn to think differently with Think Right Now.

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