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June 6, 2007

A nursing home director told me this about children

Hello my friend:

In the early 1990s I used to go into nursing homes and senior
living facilities and test the hearing of the residents. 
I'd often be in one place for two, three, even four days
at a time. 

I was in my 20s at the time... The ages of the residents
usually ranged from early to mid 70s to as high as 100 years
old and more.

In one particular facility, everywhere you looked were dogs and
cats roaming the halls... and you can even hear birds singing in
some of the rooms.

It was something...

I asked the director about it and she said that in every long-
term nursing facility where pets were allowed the residents
flourished... many symptoms of old age were reduced or
eliminated altogether, and less medication was needed over all.

... because everyone was happier...

And this particular facility was located next door to an
elementary school.  So one day a week, the kindergartners and
first-graders would visit all the residents, going right into
their rooms and talk and draw and sing for the old

... and on those days, even LESS medication was needed for all
purposes especially pain!

This and many other formal studies prove beyond a shadow of a
doubt is that it's not just our bodies that control and guide
how we feel emotionally, but our emotions control and direct our
bodies and how well or how poorly they function and feel.

Keep this in mind today and always.

Keep your mind focused (minute by minute) on something positive
and happy.

Give yourself little and big goals to achieve every day and
notice what you did right... take pride and joy in your
achievements, and your body will reward you with feeling better,
staying healthier and living a longer, more productive life.


Mike Brescia

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