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Hello my friend:

I was reminded today about a formula for achieving anything you
could want in life... a 7-step goal setting formula outlined by
famed personal development trainer Zig Ziglar.  Here is a boiled
down version of the formula:

1- Identify your goal
2- Set deadline for achievement
3- List obstacles you must overcome
4- Identify people & organizations that can help you achieve it
5- List skills & knowledge required to reach your goal
6- Develop your plan... the action steps you must take
7- List the benefits of achieving your goal

Now, obviously achieving any sizable goal involves many step
and this isn't intended to be a summation of Zig's entire
program, but in as few words as possible, that is it.

I bought his program many years ago and I wrote down dozens of
goals I wanted to achieve at that time.  Many of them I did
achieve, primarily because at that point, I was already
listening to my early crude versions of the audio tapes that,
many years later, would ultimately morph into Think Right Now
and launch a worldwide phenomenon.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com 

The biggest challenge when beginning a "goal setting" lifestyle
is that most people aren't ready to do any more than dream about
their dreams... primarily because they have never been trained
in the mental patterns (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions
and actions) that will allow them to follow through on any big
(or even small) goals.

One major stumbling block that even VERY accomplished people in
life will eventually hit is when they try to go outside their
area of expertise... when they try to do something big in an
area where they have no experience.  Pounding their chests,
feeling like world-beaters because of their continued success in
some area where they are most knowledgeable, they often fall flat
on their faces and have no idea why... and never do figure it

I know why. 

People fail when they move outside their area of expertise is,
plain and simple, lack of experience.  When ANYONE, even the
best in one part of life, tries something they've never done
before, they have to learn just like anyone else.  The only
thing they bring with them is confidence... that is, they feel
that they can do whatever they put their minds to... often
without the appropriate and necessary knowledge and experience. 

That is known as "over-confidence."

What often happens? 

Reality hits them square in the face...

And just like people who normally quit in EVERYTHING they do,
the person who is used to winning, loses big time and quits.
But not for the reasons the "average" person does.

No.  Real winners will always win.  They will do whatever it
takes.  And when a truly accomplished person gets beaten, they
usually go back to what they know best and make it even bigger
and better than before...

And if they do expand into other areas, the next time it's with
more caution and with their ducks lined up better.

So if you want to excel doing something that you have never
done before, and in fact if you must succeed, I would recommend
getting Setting & Achieving Goals Now.  You can read about it
and order it here:

- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/audiogoals.asp


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Here's a great story sent into us from Ciel Barbee-Poole who
has been using Setting & Achieving Goals Now and others to get
"zooming" as she puts it!


Dear Mr. Brescia,

Just a very quick note to thank you soooo very much for your
programs!!!  I have been looking for these half my life!!!  They
are awesome!  I have to tell you since using "Setting &
Achieving Goals Now!
","Accelerated Sales Success Now!"
"Freedom From Depression Now!" & your Think Right Now! for Windows program something has definitely kicked in and I'm zooming!  My energy
level is back, my business has picked up to the point that my
computer has to be replaced; it can't keep up!  I've paid off
large debt, my house is straighter than it's been in years and
I'm well on my way to getting my life back in order!  I can't
thank you enough!! 

Another fabulous point I'd like to make is my normal schedule
of 14-17 hour days will soon be history!  The "Setting &
Achieving Goals Now!" program is pulling all my thoughts
together so well it seems I'm instinctively becoming far more
proficient in every area of my life!  Thank you!!!

I wish you Godspeed and blessings over your entire life!


Ciel Barbee-Poole


Well, I gotta leave in about 20 minutes to go have some
arthroscopic surgery on my knee.  I messed it up pretty good a
few months ago, hyper extending it to the point where it can now
go past straight, to 7 degrees in the direction it's not
supposed to go.  It's pretty messed up, but I've been listening
to I Am Healed Now and that has made the whole ordeal not so bad.  Cross your fingers for me... a prayer wouldn't be bad either.  Thanks!


Mike Brescia


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