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Memorial Day remembrance and a 'no more anxiety' story

Hello my friend:

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S., the day of remembrance of
those who have fallen in service to our country.

Hundreds of my hearing patients in years past were veterans.
The tools of war made many of those men deaf or
nearly so. 

And some of the stories they'd tell...

I was in the home of one such man, a World War II veteran, the
night the bombing began in the first Gulf War.  It was in
January, 1991 and I remember we were talking in the kitchen when
his wife called us from the living room to come look at the TV
to see what was going on.  That night is the first time the world
heard the phrase "Shock and Awe."

While that "little" war didn't last very long, now all these
years later, we can all see that all war is still hell.

Conflict is bad when it's with other people, but it's especially
bad when it's with yourself.

That's why I love being a resource to so many people around
the world for helping them to end their internal conflicts and

This story came in a little while ago from a lady who found
courage and inner strength that she never would have found
without being tossed into a situation where she was suddenly all
alone with little support... but a LOT of help from Think Right



I wanted to say Thank You for the "Dissolving Panic & Anxiety"
program. I moved from the U.S. Pacific Northwest to the Southwest in
January '06 and separated from my husband 6 weeks after we moved

I was kicked out of our apartment and on my own in a new place. 

Needless to say, it's been extremely stressful going through
two big changes in such a short period of time.  I have always
been an anxious person, but this was over the top, being in a
new place, a new job, with people that I don't know, and
fighting with the person I had relied on for the past 10 years,
the list goes on.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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I dropped 17 pounds, from the stress of the divorce and had a
hard time focusing at work.  I almost lost my job and was put on
a "personal improvement plan" by my boss, because I was making
so many mistakes with my inability to focus.  I would cry at work
2-3 times a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day, sitting at my desk,
trying to hide my tears and emotions from my co-workers, feeling
sadness, loss, confusion and a feeling like.  I couldn't rely on
myself and didn't know how to cope with life and rely on myself
as a single person in a new place.  I would be elated at work one
day, excited about the new experiences, and then down in the
dumps the next.  Two steps forward, one step back.  I eventually
tried to see a psychotherapist, but had a hard time getting an
appointment, or getting them to return my phone calls.

After I dropped 17 lbs, (I was not overweight to start) from
stress and not eating anything, a switch flipped inside of me
and I started turning to food to comfort the anxiety that I had.
 I would worry about money, the future, anything and everything-
my personality was hot and cold in the workplace.  I started
eating and binging when I felt anxious.  I was starting behaviors
of a bulimic, binging and purging.  I knew that this was not
from body image, but from my inability to cope with daily life
and the anxiety I had, but I didn't know what to do. 

I went onto the http://www.ThinkRightNow.com website, as I have
some of the other programs, and saw the statements for
"Dissolving Panic and Anxiety".  I actually burst into tears and
started sobbing when I read the statements, because I couldn't
believe that, finally, someone knew how I was feeling.  I read
the statements and felt a sense of sadness for myself that these
were feelings that I actually had.

I ordered the "Dissolving Panic and Anxiety Now" CD immediately and began using it.

After the first night, I felt more relaxed.  After 3 days, my
temperament mellowed out.  I felt like life was going to be okay,
that everything is going to be okay, that I can manage.  I had a
conversation with my sister, whom I speak with every day, and
she said "Wow, it sounds like things are really on the up and up
with you." This was after listening to the CD.  I DO feel like
things are on the up and up!  I am able to focus at work and have
been able to keep my job because the anxiety and emotional
strife has been mellowed out.

I listen to the CD on repeat at night and some of the
statements are so wonderful, it gives me such a sense of
pleasure and security to hear them, they make me smile. 

One of my co-workers came up to me last week and said "What
happened to you? You are a TOTALLY different person!  There is a
HUGE change in you!"- I told her that I ordered your program off
the internet and had been listening to it for two weeks.  She
asked if a psychotherapist had recommended it. I said "No, it's
just off the internet."  She said congratulations and wished me

I am really amazed at the changes.  This  program REALLY made a
difference.  I feel like it's a good platform for some of the
other programs I've ordered, like Setting and Achieving Goals.
My friends have asked me if I am still going to see a
psychotherapist.  I told them that I finally got an appointment,
but that I am not even sure I need to go anymore.  Frankly,
since I don't have health insurance, I feel like my money could
be better spent on another TRN program.

Thank you very much,
Kris Nickerson


M.B. Nothing is as vicious and horrible as war, but you don't
have to go through a war to have similar reactions in your
body.  A light criticism can sometimes have the same
physiological effects on the body as a bullet whizzing by
your head. 

The "fight or flight" stress response...

Once triggered, it feels the same... Like #$%^!

Strange, huh? 

Our brains haven't evolved very much in hundreds of thousands
of years. 

So if you have anxiety and you want your body and mind to learn
new patterns of dealing with challenging and frightful
situations, Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now could be a major help
to you now and forever.  

Try it out now.  You've got nothing to lose.


Mike Brescia


P.S.  Since Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now costs little more than your insurance co-payment, if you have anxiety, panic attacks or are a "worry wart," you have every reason to give it a shot.  Get it now.

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