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He made 20 grand in 2 days - and another one, too

Hello my friend:

Another day, another bunch of successes with Think Right Now
Accelerated Thought & Behavior Modification Programs. 

Here's a couple more...



Your note on appreciation really rings true for me - TODAY!

I had a client hand me a check for $6,350 for their family
portraits, hug me, tell me thanks, and then tell me that I'm now
part of their family!

Now, that's appreciation!

I've been listening to your 'Accelerated Sales Success' CD's
 in my car for about three months now.  Last year it was at
$17K in sales YTD, this year its $59k YTD!!  Now, that's not
just your CD's, (I've done TONS of ground-work in marketing this
last year) but without them a lot of the roadblocks that I have
struggled with for years would still been there... and this year
they are NOT there.

In the last two days I've had over $20k in sales! Your CD's
have helped me
to focus, to clear away the junk, to know where I'm headed.

Thank You!

Charles Waugh


M.B.:  When you soak your mind with the thoughts and attitudes
of the best of the best, you get the best results possible.

MMMMM-MMMMM, that tastes like another!


Dear Mike

I am writing this e-mail in gratitude towards you and your
team. I was a shy person that withdrew from all social
activities.  I had a very low self esteem and did not even
wanted to answer a telephone, nor did I want to phone anybody.
I became a passive aggressive person.  I did not believe in
myself or my abilities.  When I had to speak to a superior of
mine at work, I felt like a dog crawling before its master. I
felt that my life had no purpose.  I asked myself many times
where am I heading to.  I had no goal, vision or ambition.  It
seemed to me that I can not make a success of anything.

I knew I needed to change.  I saw different psychologists.  I
was diagnosed with social phobia.  I did find some help with
them, but I was still far from what I new I should be.

I tried many things, but I could not get myself to change my
thoughts.  I read books like "Psycho Cybernetics," "Life is what
you make it," "This is Earl Nightingale," "How to win friends &
Influence People," "You can if you think you can," and the
"Power of positive thinking."  Over and over it was reinforced
that my mind and thoughts needs to be change.  I also did a
course "Achieving your potential."  It was like the carrot
before the donkey.  I knew there was much more in life than this
unfulfilling life I was living.  It drove me more and more to
seek ways and means to make my life work.

One evening, approximately five months ago, I came across your
Website.  What I read thrilled me.  It was like an Oasis.  I
read and read, and went back to your website time and time
again.  In my heart I new that somehow I found the answer. 

I also ordered Accelerated Sales Success Now! Eating For
Excellent Health Now! Setting & Achieving Goals Now! Financial
Abundance Now! Real Self-Esteem Now! Unstoppable Motivation Now!
Win Friends & Influence People Now! Think Right Now! For
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/catalog.asp 

I started to listen to them one by one at every possible
moment.  I also play one of them every night.  I adjusted the CD
player to repeat, so that it plays right through the night.  I
also installed the Think Right now! For Windows.  I set it on
Develop Loving Relationships, printed it and reading it
everyday.  From day one I experienced things happening.  The
statements from every CD are speaking right into my situation.
It is like I can not get enough of listening to these CDs.  I
can not place one CD above the other.  They are all so powerful.
My thoughts are changing, and I am changing.  My fears are
getting less and less.  I am getting more confident. My self
esteem is rising and miracles are happening....

I was saying that miracles are happening.  Things I never in my
wildest dreams could dream would happen.  I realised that I
would love to help people.  I enrolled for studies to become a
Clinical Pastoral Hypnotherapist.  I have a dream to open my own
practice in the future.  I also became a partner in a business
and have to do a lot of marketing.  I come in contact with a lot
of people and a telephone is no longer a threat to me.

I am excited and know that I am only scratching the tip of the
iceberg. It is so nice having a purpose to live for, having
goals to achieve and looking forward to see what other surprises
is awaiting me.  It is also incredible how these statements on
the CDs corresponds to the principles I read of in the Bible and
how it enhances the books I was reading, and makes it possible
to put it into practice.

Mike, I know I still have a lot more to learn and a long way to
go, but it feels like I have changed so much already.  There is
such gratitude in my heart.  I am so glad for what already took
place in my life.  It is as if life only started for me.

Thank you for not being selfish in keeping this knowledge to
yourself.  You have given me hope and inspiration through your
own life story. I find purpose, motivation, self esteem and
courage through the CDs.  Your letters and book is a blessing.
May God bless you and your team.  Thank you again and keep up
the good work you are doing.

Kind regards
Andre Bekker


M.B.: Important to note that multiple programs were used at the
same time.  As long as they are complimentary, that's OK.  It
doesn't pay to try, for example, to attempt to quit smo king,
increase sales, get organized and exercise more all at the same
time... recipe for failure.

Also, note that Andre read the statements from the software
daily (doing so for the ones that come with the audios is the
most effective way to accelerate your rescripting.

Fantastic job, Andre!


Important reminder:  You take at least one daily shower
(hopefully), you eat a few times every day, you blink your eyes
every few seconds, you breathe every second...

And putting powerful, success and happiness producing thoughts
into your mind is just as important.

Don't let other people and circumstances be the sole source of
your thoughts.  Take control of your mind using proven methods.

Reaction is not the way to live a full rewarding life.

Creation is...


Mike Brescia


P.S.  Our current special is for every 3 Think Right Now
programs you get AT THE SAME TIME, you get 1 absolutely fre*e...
as in no charge.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com
And remember, double programs count as 2 toward your 3.


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Send your story to support(at)thinkrightnow.com  and tell us your
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