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Create piles of money from nothing

Hello my friend:

I just had a conversation with a man who complained that
through his whole life he's never had enough money and a couple
of times that he did have some good luck related to money, it
disappeared as fast as it came.

And his story made me think about this:

Ear size and shape, nose, eye color, hair color... All these
things can be passed on from your parents.

Height, teeth, fingers, athleticism, strength, bone
structure... Again, these can be passed down from your parents
and their parents and their parents...

But financial health (or absence of it) cannot be passed down
genetically.  No it cannot.  There is no rich gene or poor gene.
And it is not a disease (to the chagrin of Big Pharma).

Just because your parents have always been living hand to mouth
does not mean that you must as well.

Just like being raised in a wealthy family does not guarantee
that you will be wealthy yourself.

What makes wealth appear to be passed down through families
comes not typically from a literal financial support from
wealthy parents to their children (although sadly that does
happen -- and it creates lifelong financial cripples of the

No, it comes because the children of self-made people learn
their parent's attitudes about money and about learning skills
that attract piles of money.

So if you were unlucky enough to be born into a household where
money will was usually in short supply, you never got to learn
how rich people think. 

You learned the mindset of lack...

And so if you want to have piles of money and lots of zeros
(after another number, of course) in your investment accounts,
you gotta, gotta, gotta learn how people who create wealth from
nothing think about money...

If you don't you keep getting what you've always gotten.

Learn to direct your thoughts toward financial abundance...
gain the self image of someone who is wealthy... and wealth is
what you'll get as your reward...

For the rest of the days of your life.

Get Financial Abundance Now at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/audioabundance.asp
and you will learn the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and
emotions that attract money to you.


Mike Brescia

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