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3 reasons subliminal tapes are trash

Hello my friend:

You know, I'm kind of surprised.

The other day we got our first email in quite some time where
someone was actually speaking in favor of subliminal tapes and

I guess the reason we don't get too many people arguing in
favor of them is because the people who buy them find out soon
enough that they don't do a darn thing...

As in the only thing they are good for is a bonfire.

I personally bought dozens of them back in the 80's in an
attempt to get rid of the cobwebs in my head and all the habits
that prevented me from achieving my potential.

But nothing happened. 

In fact, I got worse... a LOT worse!

One tape I bought that's still on the market today was about
eliminating the fear of failure.

The first side was subliminal and the second side was hypnosis.

Now, I don't want to slam another company, that wouldn't be in
good taste, so I'll just say that the ones I bought were in ALL
the bookstores around the country and still are.  For the life
of me I can't figure out how this company ever got such wide
distribution because many of their programs are just plain bad
for you.  They absolutely positively make you worse.

Here's what I mean...

On their Fear of Failure tape, the hypnosis side begins with
the words, "So, you are a failure, or maybe you just think
you're a failure..."

Can you believe that?

Every time you listen to that garbage, you hear that you are a
failure and that you know it.

But I kept listening day after day, night after night... and
continued to be totally afraid of taking any kind of risks in

Unlike subliminal tapes, hypnosis can do miracles, but just
like anything else, there are good hypnotists and good hypnosis
tapes/CDs and there are terrible ones.  And being sold in more
places or if the creator is on the tube all the time doesn't
make one brand better than another, less popular one.

Hmmm, it looks like I took up quite a bit of room, so I'll just
quickly mention three of the seven main reasons why subliminal
tapes are only good for landfill and I'll discuss them (and the
other four) at length in a day or two.

So here goes, three of the seven main reasons subliminal tapes
and CDs do NADA, ZIP, ZILCH.

Reason #1 that subliminal tapes are trash:

Your ears don't hear any words.  You heard it right race fans.
It is impossible to be influenced by words that you can't hear
that are "hidden" beneath music or ocean waves.

I spent years testing the hearing of people from elementary
school age all the way up to 100+ and I can say with 100%
certainty, that when background (and especially loud foreground)
noise, no matter what the noise is, is present, it makes
understanding language more difficult.

Reason #2 that subliminal tapes are trash:

Improperly worded statements.  Over the years, I've called a
number of companies that sell subliminal tapes and requested the
supposed scripts that were "recorded and embedded beneath the
music."  Only a few companies would actually disclose their
scripts to buyers.  And the ones that did send them showed that
they know less than nothing about how the mind accepts and
rejects information.  It's scary.  But it didn't matter because
no one who listened to their tapes couldn't actually hear any of
their harmful words anyhow.

Reason #3 that subliminal tapes are trash:

Inadequate Playback Equipment.  Even if a person could hear
words underneath music or ocean waves (and we can't), it would
take extremely sophisticated playback equipment with the music
delivered right in your ears, not from speakers positioned 2, 10
or 20 feet or more away.  Sound is vibration.  And sound
vibrations are made smaller as you get farther from the sound
source.  So in the case of subliminal tapes/CDs, if you could
hear words beneath the music/ocean sounds (and you cannot), you
would have to have headphones on.

I hope this sheds some light on this confusing topic.

There are more reasons and much more to be said on the topic,
but there you have three very sound reasons... good ones why you
should never consider buying any kind of subliminal audio tape
or CD.

Better to get audio programs that have words that you can
actually hear the words, like our Think Right Now Accelerated
Thought & Behavior Modification Programs.

You can get them here:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com  

Their music was composed specifically for accelerated learning.

Their repetitive format is specifically for accelerated learning.

You can hear ALL the words on them and they are perfect, having
been researched completely by people who know what they're doing.

They AIN'T very exciting, but they are effective when used

Well, that-a-that-a-that, I say, that's all for now!

Stay tuned to this bat channel for more on this titillating
topic in a day or two.


Mike Brescia

P.S.  If you still like the idea of effortless subliminal
learning (it does work, just not in audio format), our software,
Think Right Now for Windows is for you.  It uses VISUAL (eyes)
subliminal technology for your PC screen instead of audio
(ears).  And the programmer who designed it is a senior games
programmer at Microsoft.  So TRNW loves Windows!  And you can
get it NOW at:
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/trnwindows.asp  

P.P.S. Not only is visual subliminal technology effective, but
our visual subliminal software is customizable.  You can
actually paste YOUR OWN words and phrases into it!  In fact you
can also copy and paste in the words from our Behavior
Modification audio programs if you own them.  That is VERY cool.

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