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May 4, 2007

What it really means to be gooooood

Hello my friend:

Think of someone you know or know of that is truly great at

Could be their profession, a hobby, cooking, a sport, selling,
telling jokes, playing pool, ping pong, writing poetry...

It can be anything at all.

But no matter what it is this person is good at, what is really
going on there?

And what is going on when you drive your car home from work or
the store?

'It' is our subconscious minds at work... you being able to do
something perfectly without even thinking about it.

But when you try to do something for the first time and you
flub it up horribly, your thoughts and actions are 'conscious,'
meaning that you have to think about them consciously.

Then with more and more practice, your skills become
'unconscious'... meaning that you don't have to think about them
at all.

You are 'unconsciously competent' when you can do something
very well without having to think about it.

When you see outstanding performers in any field and people who
do a thing 'perfectly' without having to think about it, you are
witnessing what is in their subconscious mind.

So your goal should always be to put the things you want to do
well into your subconscious mind, so that you don't even have to
put one seconds worth of thought into what you are doing...

That is what happens when someone commits to memory many of the
statements in any Think Right Now Accelerated Thought and
Behavior Modification Program...

Yeah, just like when you do anything long enough you become an
'unconscious competent,' when you continually listen to, read
and say out loud or silently to yourself hundreds of the most
empowering beliefs owned by the best of the best in a specific
field, hobby or habit, you will master it and not have to think
about it...

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

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You will just be gooooood.

Question 1:  Can you tie your shoes?

Question 2:  Can you do it with your eyes shut?

Question 3:  Can you tie your shoes with your eyes shut, while
chewing gum and talking to someone on the phone all at the same

You probably can, right?

Then you are consciously competent at tying shoes.

The lesson?

When you want to get really good at ANYTHING, all you need to
do is spend time doing it, notice the results you are getting,
learn what you need to do to improve and... yeah, you know...
spend time doing it some more.

So when things aren't going well, don't worry... because you just
need more practice.

I love you all!

Mike Brescia

P.S.  Think Right Now programs specialize in quickly making
people 'unconsciously competent' at thinking and acting like
those people who are the best of the best at very specific
skills.  Here's what some of those people have to say about the
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/success.asp  

P.P.S.  Perfect example of today's discussion is NBA basketball
players.  The avg player doesn't really hit his peak until the
age of 28... around 20 years after he first starting playing the
game.  See what I mean about the power of being unconsciously

P.P.S.  Our current special is for every 3 Think Right Now
programs you get AT THE SAME TIME, you get 1 absolutely fre*e...
as in no charge.
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com


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