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April 19, 2007

You are more than 'they' say

Hello my friend:

Through previous experiences, and particularly failures, it's
common for us to accept low valuations of ourselves and our
abilities to do, be and have more than we currently do, are and
have right now. 

Why is this?

Well, you see, when we are kids we don't have the ability to
refute what other people say about us. 

We usually accept it at face value... 

When our parents, our teachers or others say negative, mean or
harmful stuff about us, we feel bad.  The worst thing is, when
we’re young we don't have the resources and the ability to think

Because we don't know who we are yet.

So we believe what other people say about us...

We 'buy' into it...

Because as children, we have little choice.  We trust the
opinions of others.  We literally have nothing else to go by.

So, as kids, when we are told again and again that we are
stupid or ugly or not as good as someone else or that we will
never amount to anything or that will never be able to do XYZ
thing, we believe it because we are told these things again and

It must be true, right?

We believe it even if just ain't so.

Here are some typical examples:

1.  When you were young you were the most athletic or
coordinated child, so you were teased unmercifully on the
playground and in gym class.  You were called a spazz.  So that
became your limiting self-image.

2.  Your parents weren't good in math when they were in school
so they could never help you with your homework.  So when your
grades in math were poor, you were told that you weren't going
to be either.  And that's exactly what happened.  You hate math.
You are afraid of it.

3.  You got beat up routinely in school by bullies.  Your self
image even years later?  Weak... not able to take care of
yourself, a victim, stupid.

4.  You have led a pretty charmed life.  You were allowed to
get mediocre or even failing grades.  You didn't have a job as a
teenager... you were given money without having to earn it.
Your bedroom was always a wreck.  You had few rules imposed on
you.  So as an adult, you even don't know what it's like to dig
down deep into your mental and physical reserves.  You don't
HAVE any reserves.  You don't know what it's like to have to
work hard to get what you really want.  Result?  You may learn
to cheat, lie and otherwise get your way through dishonesty
and/or supposed shortcuts.  You lose a whole lot more often than
you win... jealousy, anger and frustration at how 'unfair' life

5.  Early on in life you were rejected and laughed at when
trying to get a date with somebody.  This happened a few more
times.  Result?  You believe the things they said, that you
aren't good enough, that no one would want you.  More anger,
frustration, jealousy.

6.  Everyone in your family is overweight.  Since you were a
kid, you were trained to eat junk food of all kinds.  There was
an abundance of it around at all times.  Vegetables were nowhere
to be found.  So you, too, are of the large variety.  Result?
With an abundance of information about how to be healthy and fit
all around, you are incapable and unwilling to follow any of it.
You have been trained since birth to believe and act in very
limiting ways concerning food.

I hope these didn't ring too many bells for you...

But if they did, you aren't alone.

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These are problems that billions of people have dealt with.
These are the things that cause us not to feel responsible for
the results we get in life.  Yeah, we don't just make this stuff
up.  We really, truly believe in our silly limitations that
don't really exist.  They are the reasons why we humans like to
point fingers at everyone else for the problems we have.

Trouble is, that doesn't help us to get what we want or to be
who we want to be.


It just stunts us.  Caps our abilities.

When we create new Think Right Now behavior modification
programs, we study the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions
and actions of the people who are the best of the best in any
area.  We read all the published text.  We interview people with
problems.  We study the greats.

As I have said hundreds of thousands of times, just knowing how
to do a thing does not mean you will do it willingly, no matter
what the benefits are.

I mean, everyone CAN bite, chew and swallow a carrot, for
crying out loud.  And a tomato, broccoli, beans, apples,
bananas, lettuce, mushrooms.

And unless you are brain-dead, you know that these things are
good for you in every way imaginable.  We all know that they
will help us look good, feel good and live longer.

But few people, at least in the US, CHOOSE to eat them.

Yeah, very few people will go out of their way to eat the stuff
on a regular basis.  In fact, most people claim they 'don't
like' those foods, opting instead for totally dead, inert,
cancer-causing, processed crap.

Why?  Because they TASTE GOOD... because of the artificial
flavors added so that you will eat it at all!  Without the
chemical flavorants, you wouldn't come within 10 yards of the
stuff you just 'can't live without.'

But I digress...

Point is, every way you think, feel and act is nothing more
than your programming, training and conditioning that you've
received since you were a kid.

Habits control you, not common sense.  Not facts.  And
certainly not because you believe the truth.

Is it true that you are not good enough?

Are you stupid?

No, of course not.

So why do most people never come close to their potential in
any area of their lives?

Because they have accepted limits that others have beat them
over the heads with for years.

That is what Think Right Now programs are designed to stop.

By putting in new beliefs about you, by getting you to consider
an alternative truth about what you are capable of, by having
the words to help convince you that you are worthy of a lot
more, you will become more.

Because the beliefs you have about yourself are the most
important beliefs you will ever have.

You literally can let go of nearly every ridiculous self-
limiting belief you have.

Recency and frequency...

Recency means something happened recently... not long ago.

Frequency measured the number of times a thing happened... if
something happened frequently, if happened a lot.

When you tell yourself empowering things about yourself
constantly, you will always be RECENT. 

When you tell yourself empowering things about yourself
constantly, it will also be FREQUENT.

When you tell yourself powerful truths about yourself and your
abilities and you do it CONSTANTLY, as all Think Right Now
programs force you to do, you will be taking advantage of your
most powerful tool...

Your mind.

It thrives on recency and frequency.


Because we all have short memories...

One day we think we're nice, wonderful, great people and the
next day we could believe that we are scum, stupid, ugly,
dishonest, rotten and don't deserve to live.

That is why our Think Right Now technology is so critical and
why all of us here are working so hard.  It works.

It will help you literally change the way you think of yourself
and the way you think of the world around you.

When you 'buy in' to the good stuff, the truth about your
unlimited potential, you will win more often, you will persuade
more often, you will be happier and you will have a more
positive impact on your friends, family, community and on the

Yes, when you start believing in your true unlimited power, you
will have mattered in the most important way measurable... the
effect you had on history, through how you affected the people
in your life and in generations to come.

Think Right Now programs can help.

Learn about them here.



I love you all!

Mike Brescia


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