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April 16, 2007

A simple thank you

Hello my friend:

Of all the things I write about, one of the subjects that gets
as much attention as anything else is how I close my emails...

'I love you all'


I don't know exactly the moment that I decided to close all my
newsletters with that.  It was a few years ago.  I guess it came
simply from a building appreciation for everything that you my
subscribers give to me.

So one day it was a spontaneous outpouring of what I had been
feeling for a long time.

Life is like that...

When you continually give and give and give of yourself, the
world gives back to you, one way or another.

It might not be much or it might be a windfall of gratitude and
lavish rewards.

In my life, when I decided to dedicate myself to serving as
many people as possible through my now remarkably popular Think
Right Now Accelerated Thought and Behavior Modification
Programs, I've both given and received more than I ever dreamed
was possible.

It's the hardest work I've ever done and the most rewarding in
all ways possible.

An example of the Law of Attraction at work.

Just a word of caution...

If you feel that you have done nothing but give and give and
have been wondering when you are going to start receiving, you
are missing the magic.  I felt that way, too, for years.

Because living a life of 'service' and doing the best you know
how may mean that you 'get' a lot of outer success or rewards...

But it may not.

Knowing how to 'play the game,' how to 'sell yourself' are
important, too.

And dumb luck is always a part of the game of life...

And there is being in the right place at the right time, having
friends in high places, having the right look, knowing the one
thing others don't...

Those kinds of things are always helpful.

We all have our own unique skills and talents.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

For example, today I was talking to someone who is a great

He admitted he can't even wash his own clothes.

But he makes a handsome living with the power of his pen.

So he doesn't HAVE to wash his own clothes!

Point is, you have to develop your natural talents.  You have
plenty of them, no doubt.  Find them and grow them.  Nurture
them.  Don't settle for mediocrity.  There is little joy in that.

Develop yourself.  Stretch yourself.

Stretch your talents every day and you, too, will live

Yes, if you notice on a moment-by-moment basis every day
everything you can that is good and right and even terrific in
your life, the not so good, bad and downright horrible won't
derail you on your path to a great life.

And so you will be happier more often and sadness will rarely
overtake you.

So to everyone, a simple thank you for allowing me to develop my
unique talents and give them to the world.
So yes...

I love you all!

Mike Brescia

P.S.  If this sounds too sappy or pie in the sky, if you know
that life sucks and that's all there is to it, if you think you
have problems that no one else can understand and certainly ones
that can't be helped, then you really gotta get over to
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com right now.

P.P.S. Wonderful letter we recently received...

Dear Mike,
In December of 2005 I used my birthday money to purchase
'Infinite Joy Now' I listened to it every night before going to sleep!
I chose this one because of working a very busy job with probably 100
people thru my office daily.  I had become much stressed and was
not very professional or polite to most people who came in.  I
felt really bad as I want to treat people as I want to be
treated: politely, professionally and with great joy!

Within a few weeks I saw a change and it has become better each
day!  What prompted me to write this was my boss.  We had an
extremely busy day last week and he called me at home the next
day to tell me that many who had came in my office that day had
compliments on how pleasant I was to them.  This has been a
wonderful change all due to listening to the affirmations on
'Infinite Joy Now!'

One of my co-workers had made me a sign showing a grumpy
Garfield saying, “I would like mornings better if they started
later!”  I am still not a morning person-BUT I do wake-up with
great joy and an attitude of gratitude!  Thanks for all you do
Mike-I related to you because a few years ago I lost my job, my
home and was homeless for 10 months!  It takes a lot of positive
affirmations to overcome these things!  Keep up the great work!

Anne Shay

M.B.  Way to go Anne.  Love ya!

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