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More spectacular Think Right Now case studies

Hello my friend:

There are so many people sharing how they have been able to
go from 'Down and Out' to 'Up and In' and from already pretty
darn good to spectacular, it's not possible to shoot out just
one every few days... The information is just too important.

And it seems that no matter how remarkable the growth that
people report, there are those who gotta hear about people using
the Think Right Now method to get past the EXACT same challenges
that they have, down to the letter.

It's obviously not possible to satisfy everyone, but to help
prove the point that changing thoughts, beliefs and attitudes
quickly is indeed possible and that it provides huge benefits
every single day of your life, even if you've struggled with
certain issues for years or decades, and that it is possible
with the Think Right Now Accelerated Behavior Modification
Method, we'll be stepping up the sharing of case studies/success

Starting now...

Below are three case studies/success stories that our clients
have sent us in the last few months.


Hi Mike,

I used to be a dreamer and a chronic procrastinator and my life
was a mess because of this. I would have great ideas and plans
but instead of actually DOING something about them I'd put it
off to some other day in the far future. In fact, I can't tell
you the date I bought your incredible 'Setting and Achieving
' CD as I had that information stored on my PC, but I 'put-off' backing
up my computer and then lost all the info when my system crashed.

I knew I had a problem with procrastination and goal setting. I
had bought some books on beating it but of course I didn't read
them immediately...I put it off! {Then I moved and couldn't find
them when I finally decided I'd check them out!}

I bought your 'Setting and Achieving Goals' CD - a couple of
years ago but needless to say, I only listened to it once. Then
I put it away to be listened to again...at some future date.

I stumbled across it again in June 2005 and decided to give it
a go. Things were pretty bad, my life seemed to consist of a
million and one things that I had put off and now needed to be
sorted ASAP. The stress was really getting to me. I started
listening to the CD before going to sleep at night and I also
played it in the background as I worked during the day.
Immediately I felt much more relaxed after listening to it.

Then, over the next week or two...I can't explain it properly
in words but...I just started DOING! All of a sudden, I was
ploughing through all those little tasks that had been hanging
around my neck like an albatross.

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I hadn't consciously sat down and decided I was going to get
going...it just seemed to creep up on me! Then I effortlessly
moved on to the bigger tasks I'd been procrastinating over. I
made lists of goals I wanted/needed to accomplish and then I
worked on them...all without any of the usual resistance I had
been plagued with.

Now when I come up with an idea, I effortlessly start
researching and developing it. Since I started listening to your

...I've started my own company and will soon be able to fire my

...I've written 10 eBooks and am currently working on another

...I've launched 5 websites

...I've started selling products on eBay

...I've gotten engaged to my long-suffering girlfriend Tina ; )

...I've learned to drive

...I've started a diet...and stuck with it

...I've paid off all my debts

...I've cleared 'the million and one things' that I wanted/needed
to do.

So essentially I've achieved more in the last 14 months that I
had achieved in the previous 30 years...WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!

I am CERTAIN my success is all due to your THINK RIGHT NOW
'Setting and Achieving Goals' CD.

Now when I come up with an idea, I effortlessly start
researching and developing it...safe in the knowledge the dream
will become a reality :)

Thanks Mike, Thanks for changing my life!
Colm Burke, Ireland


Dear Mike,

I have seen such an improvement and I am excited to share what
has happened to me since I started listening to Setting and
Achieving Goals
at the end of December 2006.

I'm a junior studying at a University. I wasn't quite sure if
the program was working or not for a while. About two weeks
after I started listening to it, I clearly wrote out goals for
myself in different aspects of my life, and I would rewrite the
main ones every morning when I woke (I still continue to do
that). However, I didn't know that anything else was really
different. In hindsight, I remember that I started writing
smaller goals for every day (to-do lists) and I was more
disciplined about following through and finishing whatever I had
decided I would do that day. I don't always finish everything
everyday, but I'm steadily getting better.

One of my main goals was to get a summer internship at a very
competitive company. My GPA is good, but not competitive enough
to get me a position there, but I kept listening to your program
every night and constantly visualizing myself successfully
performing steps along the way. They first contacted me for a
phone interview. I spoke with a really nice man and he was
supportive and I was able to answer his technical questions. At
the end of the phone call, he told me he would talk to HR and
see what the next steps were. I didn't hear back for about a
week, and during that week I was getting really disheartened.

I remembered advice about how most people give up before
anything is given a chance to work itself out. So I kept
listening, rewriting my goals, and visualizing, and then I was
informed that I was selected for an on-campus interview here at
my university.

This interview was a bit tougher, but I was able to answer most
of his questions.

A couple of days later, I was invited to fly out to the company
for the final round of interviews. They put me up in a nice
hotel, and I kept telling myself that I was competent. I took
your program along with me for more guidance :). I kept
visualizing how I wanted the interviews to go and for the most
part, they went as I thought they would. There were a couple of
things that I wasn't able to answer, but it seems like industry
is more forgiving than academia (if you can look it up and have
an answer soon, that's good enough for them, no need to memorize
technical terms).

Two days ago I found out that they made me an offer!

It's an excellent offer for 10 weeks in the summer and I am
going to take them up on it! I wouldn't have been able to do it
without my Goals CD motivator and those affirmations. I think
the key was to not get discouraged along the little steps that
are bound to happen. I would attribute my success to your
motivation, my heavy studying during the interview process
(which your CDs encouraged me to do!) and a little bit of luck.
Well, luck favors the prepared, I guess!

I am beginning to see that I really can achieve the goals I
set. In the past, I would set goals and I would achieve some of
them, and not the others, but now I am beginning to see that the
reason for that was because I hadn't committed myself to them
with a single minded focus.

This success has inspired me to continue working on academic
goals for this semester (even though I was tempted to enjoy a
couple of days off). I am finding a focus and a guiding force in
my life that is working with me to make me happier! I find that
I am doing more, but enjoying everything more. Thank you so much

I am really thankful for your programs. Thank you!!!

It is the great guiding organizational force for my whole life
right now, and it is always there to keep me motivated.

Many thanks, Meghan



I feel like I must share with you how your audio programs have
helped not only me, but more importantly, my daughter.

In my mind, there is no greater accomplishment in this life
than to raise a child to become a wonderful, compassionate,
capable, and happy person. It is the biggest accomplishment we
can attain, and your programs (unintentionally) are helping me
do just that!

When I purchased your 'Setting & Achieving Goals Now' program
- http://www.thinkrightnow.com/audios/audiogoals.asp
along with a couple others, I was not thinking of my then 9-year-old
daughter. I was hoping to use it to motivate myself to achieve
my dreams of starting my own business while still working full-
time and taking care of my family and elderly mother.

My daughter is a sweet young lady, with a big heart, but a
small stature. She had started playing volleyball and was
having some difficulty, due to her tiny frame and a lack of
confidence. There aren't very many things that hurt as much as
watching your child struggle out there in front of a bleacher
full of parents whose children never seem to miss a perfect
volley! My heart ached for her.

My husband happened to go away on a fishing trip the day I
received the tapes. When he does this, my daughter usually
comes and sleeps in my room for an old fashioned 'girls' night
slumber party.’ Since I was anxious to get started with your
program, I proceeded to listen to it and left it playing when we
went to sleep at night. I immediately felt different (this was
my first experience with your tapes) and was ecstatic to wake up
feeling like I could conquer the world.

But, more importantly, I didn't realize that another small
miracle had occurred until I went to my daughter's next
volleyball game. She was a different little girl out there on
that court - she beamed with confidence, and not only did she
have a great game, she actually served 15 perfect serves to win
the game! This is a girl who normally was struggling to have
that ball get over the net since she did not have the strength
of the other larger and older girls.

Just last week I started the 'I Am Organized Now' program
hoping to get my life in order. While I've managed to get my
business started, work full-time and keep all the 'balls in the
air,' I feel I'm losing ground due to my lack of organizational
skills, which unfortunately, I'm sure I'm passing along to my
daughter from looking at the disarray in her bedroom.

Anyway, once again, my daughter was not who I was thinking of,
but since I am so limited on time, I started listening on our
way to work and school in the car and on the return home.

I came home a couple of days later to find my daughter in the
middle of her room where she had already gone through her entire
chest of drawers and closets and had bags ready for me to take
to charity. Each drawer was completely and neatly organized, as
was the closet. This is a girl who has NEVER done this on her
own without my help and prodding, and even then I end up having
to do most of it myself.

Once again I find myself truly amazed at how effective these
programs are.

I was and am still, totally amazed! I've purchased many self-
help type of products before, but none that have had the impact
that yours have. I'm not sure how you've managed to make such
an effective product, but I'm sure glad you did!

Thanks again for your terrific products - I've recommended them
to a few friends who've also had great success with them.

Take care, Julie Zuge


Well, that's enough reading for today, eh?

I love you all!

Mike Brescia

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more like the people in today's case studies? Then skidaddle on
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