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What you will love the most

Hello my friend:

I was just reading through dozens of the most emotional Think
Right Now success stories that people send us on a daily basis
(we've received over 1,000 detailed letters in just the last few
months!), when it hit me what I'm most proud of...

It's not when someone says they've doubled their income...

It's not when people tell me that they've dropped 30 or 40 or
even 100 pounds using our programs...

It's not even when people say that they are now off all
psychoactive 'medication'...

The coolest thing, to me, is the holistic effect Think Right
Now programs have... the overall complete transformation that
occurs in many people.


The last time I checked, money doesn't buy true happiness.
If it did everybody who had a lot of it would be happy and
content and loved by everyone they know.

Last time I checked, having 'washboard abs' will not make every
woman who sees them fall in love. That takes the whole person.

Last time I checked, being organized, being a high achiever,
being a top earning salesperson, being fit or being confident
can't make you a nice, well-liked person.

And conversely just being a nice person does not make you a
happy person.

So what I'm most proud of is that the 'total person' approach to
our Accelerated Behavior Modification Programs is so effective.

It's because they all address the 22 core mental patterns.

If, for example, our program Financial Abundance Now
only dealt with making more and keeping more money, it probably
wouldn't be very effective. You would end up like Ebenezer
Scrooge... rich and miserable.

It deals with the self-image, fear, responsibility, jealousy,
greed, learning, willingness to risk, time management, people
skills and on and on and on and on and on.

Nothing we do is ever 'in a vacuum.'

Every thought we have, every decision we make, every action we
take affects every other part of our lives.

Mike Brescia's FREE health, business, success &
financial tips will guide & inspire you like nothing else

Your privacy is assured. We never rent, sell or share emails for any reason.

And that will never change.

So what I'm saying is, I am proud of how all of our Think Right
Now programs work with the whole person. That's why they're so
effective and why they are so complementary to other types of
training and knowledge that you could have...

They help you become able to use what you know and to get more
out of your God-given physical and mental capabilities.


Here's a wonderful letter that came in not long ago. It's a
little long, but it's great, so go ahead and read it...

Dear Mike:

This is a 'Tale of Two Ladies' - Mom (Yours Truly), age 50 and
Daughter, age 25. Over two years ago I started reading your
website and was extremely skeptical of the claims and case
studies. After a year, I began ordering your CD's, including
'Unstoppable Motivation Now', 'Financial Abundance Now' and
'Supreme Confidence Now'.

I thought they would benefit my daughter more at that point in
time, so I sent them on to her.

My daughter has been depressed and angry most of her life - I
left her father when she was two years old because I suspected
him of sexually abusing her. He also physically abused me and
she witnessed one violent attack on me before I left him. For
the next 15 years, my daughter and I always lived one step away
from financial disaster, and in 1995 I had to file bankruptcy
and accept public assistance because I had four surgeries in
eleven months. The surgeries did not correct the problems.

My daughter had been very angry with me for refusing to help
her with college tuition. I knew she was not ready for college
because she had done so poorly in high school: she dropped out
for a year when she was one credit short of a diploma. My
daughter tried the Coast Guard, but did not make it through boot
camp. She started working retail and became assistant store
manager and was making more money than I ever had, but she was
still extremely depressed, even though in one year's time she
got married, bought a new house, and had a beautiful baby boy.

I sent my daughter the CD's in the fall of 2006 - this is what
has happened to her in the past three months after listening to
your programs:

She found a house needing to be moved and purchased it for
$14,000, not knowing all of details involved in moving houses;
continually encountered problems and delays in trying to
purchase a lot and finding a reputable house mover; made
numerous mistakes in trying to get financing this house project
and maxed out all of her credit cards; had the original owner of
the house threaten to destroy it because of the delays in moving
the house; and had to deal with the house mover refusing to
answer her telephone calls for weeks at a time.

I am happy to say that the house was moved, appraised at
$140,000, and my daughter got a construction loan for $112,000,
thereby salvaging her credit. This is a young woman who only
has a high school education, and for most of her time on this
earth has told me 'Life is Not Fair!'

By the way, she stopped taking anti-depressants during this
time, too.

And now for Yours Truly -

I have a Bachelor's degree and 9 courses toward an M.B.A. and I
have never made more than $25,000 in a year. In 1986, I was
severely injured in an automobile accident, which caused a
traumatic brain injury and soft tissue damage throughout my
body. In 1995, I had surgeries on both hand and both elbows
because of neurological damage I sustained during a massive
typing project at work. I was determined to be permanently
partially disabled - and believed it.

Then in October 2006 I started having severe gynecological
problems. In December I found out I needed a hysterectomy. I
was terrified about having surgery, so I ordered the CD 'I Am
Healed Now' and started listening to it when I went to bed. I had the
hysterectomy on January 8, 2007 and was laughing and joking with
the nurses in the pre-op room. After the surgery I had the
nurses 'plug me in' to my portable CD player and turn on the 'I
Am Healed Now' program. I was in the hospital for 3 days and
when I went home, I stopped taking the extremely strongly
narcotics prescribed for pain because of the very negative side-
effects to my digestive tract. If I were in pain, I would go
lie down and listen to the CD. It would make me relax and fall
asleep almost immediately. During my seven week recovery
period, I have taken a minimal amount of pain killers and I
believe it is because I faithfully listened to your program
during my recovery.

Now as for my permanently partially disabled status - to
understand why the surgeries on my hands and elbows did not
work, my body tends to form keloid tissue after surgery. My
hands contracted because of the tough, scar tissue in my palms.
After the surgeries in 1995, I no longer could do the type of
work for which I was educated and trained
(paralegal/investigative work) and have taken a series of jobs I
have hated over the last decade. Not to mention, too, these
jobs have paid barely over minimum wage.

I decided that during my recovery from the hysterectomy that I
was going to correct the problems from my hand and elbow
surgeries and start typing at a speed that could potentially get
me a better job. I signed up for an internet typing course and
in seven weeks I am now typing in excess of 50 wpm. When I
started, I was typing about 20 wpm.

I know that you love books, Mike, and I have been reading
'Extraordinary Healing' by Art Brownstein - I think it is a
wonderful companion to your 'I Am Healed Now' program. I am now
taking charge of my health care and soon it will be with the
rest of my life.

Thank you for revealing positive alternatives to drugs and
endless therapy sessions in your programs. Although I am happy
with my own progress, I am ecstatic at the change in my
daughter. For the past 25 years I have felt guilty about what
she went through and the way we had to live. I feel that your
CD's have given my daughter the tools to become happy and
successful in life, and for that, I am truly grateful.


Laurie Bower


See why I'm so proud?

I love you all!

Mike Brescia

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